Villa Soma
1554 Howard St
San Francisco, CA

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This has continued to be a problem with the fact that they need to clear the building tarp it and bomb the entire bldg. i have friends that stay there and sadly wont come to visit me out of fear they might bring them to my home I personally have gotten them bed bug spray 4 bottles as well as coverd bed bovers to which when getting the money reimbursed it was as if the manager had to pull his own teeth out he continues or his bosses continue to do the wrong thing in trying to handle this mostly

due it seems to be out of being to cheap to pay for relocation of tennats for the short time that it would take to get the job done professionally. This is a serious health hazard and im shocked to see that they are gettind away with how they are handling this people losing there deposits for cleaning fees and the manager i think has been drained of so much blood hes lost his ability to have cognotive thought process. Yelling and screaming at people only makes you look like an idiot and even worse when you blame others for something that continues to not be resolved i mean years of not resolved.....Isnt there anyway to get this dealt with once and for all my friend fears eviction if he says anything which is so wrong given he simply wants to live without having to deal with bugs and or be screamed at by the propertymgr and face threats ofeviction for saying anything the manager is lucky its not me where Id sey him straight and possibly clean his clock for him a real piece of work someone call DPH on these guys its just not right they get away with this . btw I have had to take continious precautions at my place of residence due to this and the management here encourage tennats to report any such issues and get right to work on the solution to remedy the matter including relocation for the time it takes to rid the unit of bugs and use "professionals" trained in this area not general laborers to wash and clean up the place so that it looks ok but actually is a bevy of infestation what is wrong with you ppl stop being so cheap and fix your property it will be less expensive in the overall cost and not cause health issues or other legal issues that you should have to face if youi continue to do things in a whacked out way.. do yourselves a favor shit can Robert and Bomb your bldg youll benefit far more than being listed as a horrible and poorly run place its only a matter of time before it catches up with youjust giving youa heads up that it will only go on for so lomg and time is not on your side.

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Funny- I got the whole lecture about how the manager was the head of a hospital nursing area and he is as clean as they come . . . but the sheets were not clean. He fought me on that and I got a cleaning gal to let me in the linen closet.

After staying in Villa Soma for almost 2 weeks (planned to for the month), I woke up and was covered in horrible bites. Blood stained sheets, etc. I thought maybe mosquitoes (I’m allergic) and couldn’t see any bedbugs. The next night wit

h the window shut (it was hot), I was bitten even worse. The manager Robert gave me a spray can with pesticide to spray the room myself and a vacuum that didn’t work (I fixed it). After spending hours cleaning the place/disgusting and spraying . . . I again was eaten alive. When I asked for a refund for the past few nights via text/I didn’t want to deal with his temper and to be reimbursed for the massive amounts of machine washing I had to do to make sure my clothing was ok, he immediately replied (no way he had time to talk to the owners) that he talked to owners and they “will not refund money”. I was only then offered the room across the hall and when I was inspecting it – there were live bedbugs in the mattress folds. I showed them to Robert and he just said “well, you weren’t bitten the previous 13 nights”. Which I still have no idea what that means. Clearly they had come across the hall from this unit. I moved the mattress out into the room across the hall, cleaned and sealed off all holes I could see and slept on the floor (no ability to move hotels until the next morning) and was again eaten.

The manager Robert freaked out that I had “moved things” (during his afternoon nap when he was unavailable) and told me it was “his hotel and I needed to leave immediately”. I was fine with getting out of that rat hole, but beware all, I not only heard Robert showing the unit across the hall before I moved (untreated, knowingly infested), but he was complaining to another guest about how I cost him money for the night by taking up two units.

Hello?? You have infested mattresses that need to be thrown out, you have bedbugs racing out from the rotting baseboards . . . I have ZERO doubt others have since suffered the same. It is a shame to see such a great historical building in such ruin and owned by slumlords and managed by someone who has no standards of decency.

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Disgusting situation. Blood stains on sheets, dead bed bugs on the mattress. I've been woken up by bed bugs crawling on me. Within the first 24 hours I had so many bed bug bites I needed medical attention. This place should be burned to the ground, rebuilt and burned again. Hell. On. Earth.

at check in asked manager if there were any bug problems.He stated none. after paying for a week in advance and settling in, noticed blood spots on wall around bed and on the comforter. also blood spots on wall behind small dresser. then found dead adult bed bug on sink.
checked out.. got money back. manager tried to tell me that it was a cockroach after I chastised him for lying about the bug situation.

Like a maddening red tide, the massive bed bug infestation at this location here is nearly unbearable. How anyone sleeps here is beyond me

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