Verona Hotel
317 Leavenworth St
San Francisco, CA 00000

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I am highly allergic to the bites. They will eventually blister. I have 1 on my leg right the size of a small racket ball! I have been to 2 hospitals, I have contacted management numerous times!

I did some research on laws regarding treatments, and when I questioned our current PCO (Dewey Pest Control), he told me, "I don't get paid enough to look for bugs!"

I reported it to the property manager, and she just made an excuse.

I ran out of money laundering my clothes, so I stored the

m on my fire escape being careful not to block the exits (my property manager helped me stack the bags).

After withholding rent the previous month for out of pocket expenses, the property manager retaliated against me and threw out all of my belongings!

After I contacted an attorney, she admitted that she actually stored the items to teach me a lesson!!!!!

Im really considering a civil suit. My scars are permanent! :-(

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This is an all woman hotel. When you say his arm obviously you have the wrong hotel.

A friend has linear bites along his arms consistent with bedbug bites, and the hotel has had previous reports of bedbugs.

No nearby bug reports