Vantaggio Suites Jefferson Square
835 Turk St
San Francisco, CA 94102

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i was suffering from bed bug bites in 2011. i told management but they didnt want to treat my room until bugs were actually seen on alittle stickey trap they gave me to put under the bed. none were on it but i was being bitten. I treated the room myself with diatamacious earth powder in which i thickly covered the floor and left it down for a yr. i got new bed on my own and threw away much of my belongings. even after treatment period i left the powder on the floor in the closet and parameter of

the room. neighbors down the hall and in several other rooms are complaining today..sept 202 of being bitten all over their bodies. no treatment seems to be happening even after reported to management.

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December 2011

A friend of mine is staying at the hotel, he told me that he couldn't sleep at night because he was really achy and he was full of scratches. I saw his scratches all over his arms, back and legs and I told him that those might be bed bugs and if they continued he should tell the management. Not only him, but all his roommates were suffering the same thing. After a couple of days he reported it to the management, they contracted a traditional pest control company for treatment. T

he problem got a bit better, but he still suffering from itchiness . He is moving to another place at the end of the month.

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Dates: June-July 2010

Have stayed here several times in the past, but this summer, the room was infested with bed bugs. Nothing worse than waking up and seeing those little bloated creatures crawling on my pillow and bed, then smashing them and watching my own blood spill out, not to mention the bites.

Reported to the management, who contracted a traditional pest control company for treatment. The problem got a bit better, but within days, they were back. Unfortunately,we had paid in advan

ce for a month so we were stuck there.

Near the end of our stay, the maids spotted the bugs and sprayed all kinds of toxic bug sprays in the room - on the carpet and mattresses.

I believe the bugs were in the mattresses even though the hotel had covered the mattresses in plastic.

A most unpleasant experience.

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