The Westin San Francisco Market Street
50 Third St, San Francisco, Ca, 94103
San Francisco, CA

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I stayed at the Westin SF Market Street on June 29-July 2, 2014. On June 30th, I woke up with a bunch of bites around my ankles. It didn't occur to me that these might be bed bugs given the fact that the Westin has such a pristine reputation. But every morning, I kept getting more bites. I was there on business and working long days so I didn't have much time to give it much thought. One night, I woke up in the middle of the night, and in hindsight I realize that was because the bed bugs were n

ibbling on me.

After returning home, I continued to get more bites every morning. I finally went to a dermatologist to have the bites looked at and she said they were likely bed bugs and that I should call an expert. Upon examining my bed at home, I found two specimens.

I contacted the hotel immediately to report that I had picked up bed bugs at their hotel. I received an email the next day from the hotel confirming the did find "bed bug activity" (their phrase) in my room.

I've since learned to never put your luggage on or near the bed -- keep it in the bathroom, if possible. And the first thing you should do when you get to a hotel is look under the mattress and/or box spring (actually under it -- don't be afraid to get in there) and along the seams on the mattress and box spring for bed bugs. They're tiny, but visible to the eye, and they'll be clear unless they've just fed. If you think you're dealing with bed bugs, tell the front desk right away and ask for the room to be inspected before moving your luggage to the new room.

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Stayed for two nights June 10-12, 2014. Stayed on the 30th floor, close to the elevator. Noticed bites when I woke up the morning of the 12th. Checked out and started itching terribly. I looked up the bite patterns online and confirmed they were bed bug bites. At this point I was already on the plane headed home.

I called the hotel early June 13 to report it. I was up the whole night itching. At this point, I had counted over 26 bites all over my arms, legs and torso. The Westin manager call

ed me back in the afternoon and said they would investigate and update me on their report. I said I wasn't looking for any compensation or anything, I just wanted to make sure the next poor traveler did not stay in or near that room on the 30th floor.

The bed bug bites are still visible today - I had to go see corporate clients this week and it was embarrassing to answer them with why I had all these bed beg bites all over me.

It is June 20 today and I have not heard back from the Westin Market Street.

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I stay at the hotel for 3 nights for the memorial weekend on 05-23-2014 to 05-26-2014. Left with my back itching driving home to los angeles. Now my back has rashes for a week and still itching. The hotel was not cheap either paying more than $200 a night. Today is 06-02-2014.

I stayed for 3 nights for work January 2013. I was watching TV in bed and starting itching on my legs. I went to the bathroom and found red welts on my legs. I pulled back the sheets in the bed and found a dozen small bugs and black feces. I called the hotel manager who immediately came and moved me to another floor. I checked the sheets and everything was fine. I told the manager I needed my clothes laundered because I had left my belongings and suitcase on the floor and I was afraid of bringin

g bugs back home. In the morning they accepted all my clothes and sent them to the cleaners. I had to buy a new suitcase and something to wear for the day. The Westin had a company come and do a report and called me to say they found no bed bugs which is ridiculous because I know what I felt and saw. The next night I didn't notice anything but the last night I woke up in the morning to blood stained bedsheets and small bugs. I took pictures of the bugs and the sheets this time. I had the manager come and take my speciman and see the blood on the sheets. He agreed the blood was fresh and seemed very concerned. Again the same pest control company sent me a report saying it was a crumb in the bed and my own blood for some other reason. They told me I was lying about what I found. I told them it seemed the pest control company was in on a cover up because I know what I experienced and I travel a lot for work. Today when I got my corporate card statement I see the Westin charged me $118 for laundering my items, which by the way some of the clothes were ruined by their cleaners. Worst hotel experience ever considering how expensive they are.

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Thank you for choosing the Westin San Francisco Market Street for your visit with us.

Our primary goal is the health and comfort of our guests while creating a feeling of being welcomed to a clean and safe environment. We take all reported bed bug claims very seriously and we have an aggressive protocol to address the communication, inspection, reporting and results that have been recommended by our Brand and professional consultants. If ever bed bugs are confirmed, our policy is to cont

ain the infestation by closing that specific room and the rooms surrounding it, treating the area and conducting inspections until cleared by our pest elimination company. Our Housekeeping and Engineering teams have been trained to notice any signs of infestation; this coupled with our ongoing education and consultation with our partners has proved to be the best method of prevention in our hotel.

Again, we appreciate any concerns you may have as we proudly deliver the Westin products and services you have come to expect.

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30th Floor 7/25/12 6 bed bug bites on one person 3 bites on second person

Bedbugs were discovered on the 17th floor and a picture was taken. The occupant was bit three times.

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