The Pickwick Hotel
85 5th St
San Francisco, CA

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I stayed in room 708 for one night February 9, 2013 and in the morning discovered at least 20 itchy bites! I immediately checked out of the hotel. I can also comment that the room did not seem clean, therefore I am not suprized they have bedbugs. Very bad experience.

Stayed here from 27th September to 30th in room 307, I presumed i was suffering from mosquito bites during my time in San Francisco, until the final evening of my stay. My arms and legs were covered in small itchy lumps. Whilst I was asleep I felt something run across my chest and i moved my hand in the dark and felt a little lump. When i turned the bedside lamp on to see what it was, I found a fat little black bug scurrying across the white sheets.
I woke my room mate in the other bed and we

caught it and killed it. Having seen reports of bed bugs on news in the UK I immediately twigged what this was and we began searching to see if there was any more. Upon pulling the mattress back we found another two behind the top of the mattress. The headboards in the pickwick are cloth and attached to the wall, upon lifting the fabric on these and looking underneath we found a trail of blood droppings and several bugs huddled together under the boards on both beds.
We phoned down to reception and were immediately moved to another room on the third floor further up the corridor. We inspected the beds and found some spots of blood on the divan base under the mattress of one of the beds and immediately refused this room too. We were then moved to a room on the 7th floor which appeared to be clean and spent a sleepless night there with the light switched on before checking out the next morning which spoiled a great trip to USA for us.
The hotel manager met us personally the next morning and apologised for the incident, they quarantined the rooms and called the exterminators and refunded the cost of our stay for the inconvenience. I found them professional, polite and courteous. I would recommend this hotel still, just be sure to check under the headboards at ANY hotel you stay at before going to sleep. Certainly a lesson learned for me not to take hotel cleanliness for granted!

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Stayed at the Pickwick for 3 nights over new years and came home with itchy bites on the back of my neck, hairline and chest. I am still dealing with the bites 3 weeks later as they seem to reinfect somehow. It took me a couple weeks to realize what they were and after looking online at bite photos it became obvious as to what they were. The Pickwick is old, in a great location and inexpensive for a downtown SF location. I thought it would be a great choice rather than spending hundreds of do

llars a night. However I am disgusted to have brought this problem home with me! Until it happens to you you won't understand how awful it is! I will be checking every hotel bed I stay in from here on out! Don't stay at the Pickwick !!!

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Stayed (Rm 204) 10/24/10 woke up at 3:00am with this annoying itching sensation on my legs turned on the light and found a row of bites. I turned over the cover and found 2 bedbugs there. I actually put them in the covered glass in the room and called management to show them that they had a very serious problem.

We stayed overnight in Room 515, the next evening my husband noticed 3 itchy welts on his hand. I looked at photos online (which I suggest so as to not confuse with mosquito or other insect bites) and sure enough, bed bug bites. In the tell tale "breakfast lunch and dinner" 3 bites!

We stayed in room 419 at the Pickwick Hotel in San Francisco from Jan 28th to 31st. My husband noticed some red bumps on his hands and neck on the day we were leaving. About 3-4 days later over a hundred very itchy bumps appeared all over his arms, neck, face and hands. We thought he was allergic to something. But a few days later I too started noticing red itchy bumps on my arms and back. I also remember seeing a couple blood stains on his pillow at the Pickwick and we couldn't figure out

what they were from. Well we now know it was bed bugs and we are horrified that we have brought them home with us. What an awful experience!

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