Sweden House Hotel
570 Ofarrell St
San Francisco, CA 94102-1932

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My first night here I was attacked by Bed Bugs, no big deal, not really their fault, I call up Bruce the caretaker, and tell him, "Hey Bruce, sorry to disturb you so late (9pm), but I happen to have some bedbugs scurrying about, any chance I can get another room." And.. I... mean... bedbugs by the thousands. They started sprawling out along the walls, all over. There was another lady who had the same problem that night. Luckily, I did not get bit, I was waiting for them to come out, since I

used my UV light trick I could tell the bed once had them, but I wasn't taking any chances.

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A terrible hell of place. Bed bugs are everywhere! Please don't even think in staying at Sweden. The management already knows about it and do "nothing" my girlfriend and I reserved for one week while visiting SF during May. Needless to say we both were eaten alive by hundreds of bed bugs, disgusting !!!

Stayed there a few weeks ago! got bitten bad and the stupid manager lusia said he knew about them in the hotel but "they are hard to get rid of!" I tried getting a refund or something back but now they don't even answer the phone or emails, so called amex and disputed the charge. After doing research and talking to some people who live there i found out the following that i wished i had known...

Please do your OWN homework before staying here! Use your head! Also, so it's known they've had h

uge amounts of violations with the city and are currently involved in a lawsuit(s).

If there is ANYTHING wrong with the building, room, showers, bathrooms, etc which is unsafe or a habitability issue; i.e. bedbugs (which are reoccurring under the new management) FILE a complaint with the San Francisco Department of building inspection or the Heath Department (online or by phone)! ...You can keep it anonymous if you like also......

They can't charge you a guest fee either! It's against the SF City Law... Google it! they did this to my friends until the police showed showed up.... we found out they legally can't! do your own homework.....

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Upon my arrival i noticed all of these small dots on my white shirts after leaving them on the bed. I first did not think anything of it but then i was EATEN alive that night!! i though it was fleas or something but after talking to some other people they notified my that there was an outbreak of bed bugs!!!! how gross!!! i quickly checked out and went to another hotel a block down the street when i then checked in and had to send all of my clothes to the dry cleaners!!!! I demanded a refund how

ever is have not received it and i disputed the charge with AMEX (who quickly refunded me) and they said they have had problems with this merchant before!!! OMG!!!!! This has to be the WORST "hotel" I have EVER been too! The receptionist leaves at 3pm and there is NO staff around! SO don't expect anyone to offer to change your room or EVEN help you!!! NEVER GO HERE!!!

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I just returned from a five-night stay on 3/20/12 in this hotel and have bed bug bites on my ankles and shoulders. I stayed here five nights, so I still have a few more days of waiting to see the entire damage. I did not phsysically see any bed bugs but the mattress had bed bug fecal matter in the crevices but I wasn't positive and the pigeon nest right outside the window probably helped the infestation. I am in the process of washing everything and just threw out the bags I brought with me. Hop

efully, spraying down everything the bags and I came in contact with will help them not spread to my home.

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I've been here for weeks. No bed bugs. It's a pretty clean place.

When I checked in on October 1, 2010, the notices posted inside the hotel regarding a pest inspection on October 4, 2010 was a giveaway that there is an infestation. I hoped it wouldn't be true, but I saw some of the signs once I entered the room. The hotel does not give refunds at all.

The first night, I slept all night but when I woke up in the morning I saw several bed bugs and some blood/fecal smears on the sheets. There were bugs on my clothes, suitcase, backpack, etc. The second nigh

t, I slept with the lights on and completely clothed, but those bugs kept me up all night. My feet were bleeding from the bug bites. I saw many younger bed bugs near my face. After 3 hours dealing with this, I just showered thoroughly, packed up and left.

Immediately I took my clothes to a laundromat and washed everything. Bought Ziploc bags and put the contaminated clothes in it. My backpack was cheap-- $10 so I threw it out. I put all of my clean clothes which were in the suitcase before and after I washed them into ziplock bags as well as a precaution. I will have to vaccum and steam clean the suitcase before I even take it into my home. I also plan to buy a mattress slip cover which is designed to suffocate dust mites and bed bugs as an extra precaution.

I'm not obsessive compulsive or anything, but bed bugs are difficult to contain and I sure don't want them in my couch or mattresses. I can't go through the same thing I did at that hotel in my own home.

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This place sucks. We had to stay here for a month and at frusta thought we where getting bites from spiders or something. Then we got more and more and finally saw a bedbugs in the middle of the day! We did show them bugs we caught alive and demanded they pay for us to disinfect our clothing ect. They gave us 5 bucks for laundry. This place is terrible. AVOID at all costs.

Althought the resturaunt under them is excellent. My favorite in the city ha!

After 1 night at this decrepit hotel I woke up with nearly 100 bites all over my body. I have never been afflicted like this and the bites are huge. I moved rooms and took extra precautions not to bring in clothes that had not been laundered first. The new room was infested. The entire hotel is infested and the management isn't doing anything about it. This hotel is a last resort kind of place. Stay away if you possibly can.

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