San Francisco Hotel:Best Western Carriage Inn
140 7th St
San Francisco, CA 94103-2833

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Compilation of Bedbug Reports for "Carriage Inn 140 7th St San Francisco CA 94103-2833"
3 Reports - 8/22/2010, 10/6/2010, and 12/12/2014
“Bed bugs, would have been nice otherwise”
“Really, really dangerous part of town. Bed Bugs.”

“Bed Bug City”
"Bed Bugs"
2 Reports - 3/24/2015 and 11/24/2010

I told myself the Carriage Inn was trying to be boutique and quirky when I first walked from the elevator into my room.
After the first night outside it became very apparent I was not in a safe part of the city.
After the second night it became apparent our beds were not even safe due to the large bedbug we found in my coworkers bed and the same large size bed bug we found in my bed.
We told the manager about the bugs and he proceeded to explain to us that it takes 10 days for Bed bugs to setup as if we just caught them on day 1...
We explained to him how much we didn't care and arrangements had already been made to move us to another hotel with fewer bugs and a lower crime rate.
Additionally as we were checking out the lady working the front desk went out of her way to say she has worked at the Carriage Inn for 20 yrs and had only heard of Bed Bugs twice in that time.
I have aggregated a list of bed bug incidents at the top of this post for her convenience.

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