Oasis Inn
900 Franklin St
San Francisco, CA 94109-7719

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Unfortunately this place was reasonable enough to stay at $129 that comes to a total of $297 for 2 nights. I like the place that looks rustic and reasonable. Too bad the room 302 we stayed in have bed bugs. This was seen crawling from top of the bed downwards as seen by my children. You know some kids are curious about bugs. When they pointed the insect, I caught and squeezed it, red stuff that looks blood came out. I checked the insect in the Internet and concluded it's kind. I took pic

tures of it also We informed the hotel and they were nice to accommodate our stay. The only bad part part is we have to wash our belongings immediately because you don't want the insect to be with you at home. Please read about bed bugs and don't place Oasis Inn in a bad spot. I just hope they follow through In taking care of this issue. It can be cleared the proper way and don't forget we are a growing society. We were the once who took over to eradicate them. Please remember this place is not bad and it has an accommodating administration. August 7,2013 @ 0930am.

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We stayed there Dec. 2nd to Dec. 4th 2011.
Did not see anything the first night, but we killed two things that looked like bedbugs the second night.

Bed Bugs! I stayed there 04.08. - 06.08.2011. Horror!

I stayed here in Nov 2009 and had the horrible critters eat me alive. I ended up with big welts all over my body. It took me a year of sanitizing my house once I got home before I felt it was safe. It cost me a few hundred dollars to bug proof my home. The welts showed up about 1 day after I stayed here and took about 2 weeks to go away. I called the front desk to report it and they seemed less than responsive.

Under no circumstances will I ever stay here again.

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