Hotel Union Square
114 Powell St
San Francisco, CA

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Thank you for your comments. We would like an opportunity to speak directly with you regarding your experience so we can investigate and address this matter. The Hilton San Francisco Union Square employs a very aggressive preventative maintenance program including the use of licensed pest control K-9 teams. Additionally, our staff has been trained on in what to look for relating to pest control management.

If detected, the treatment includes stripping the entire room and treating the room wit

h heat. This treatment has been identified as the most effective and safest for humans and the environment. Rooms are inspected multiple times after treatment and before being released for guest use.

Our priority is that you have the best possible hotel stay and we hope that we have your trust that we are doing everything within our power to make that happen.

Thank you again for your feedback and we look forward to hearing from you at your earliest opportunity.

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I stayed at the Hilton Union Square in spring 2008. My daughter and I shared a room with 2 double beds. In the morning, she told me she didn't sleep well during the night because she felt like things were crawling on her. When I checked her over, she had been biten 2-3 dozen times by bedbugs (having read an article recently in the WSJ - I knew what to look for). I, having slept in the other bed, was not bitten. When I called the front desk and asked to speak with a a manger, they put me on

hold for a very long-time. I hung up called back - they said they would call me back. Didn't hear back from anyone for over 30 minutes. Finally went downstairs and confronted the front desk, they sent security up with me. The security guys knew exactly what to do, while the front desk had played ignorance. Security confirmed that bedbugs were indeed in my daughters bed and we were moved to another room (though now we were not able to feel comfortable in a hotel that failed to acknowledge they had a problem). Finally got a chance to speak to a manager, who wouldn't do anything about our clothes and luggage, which I was extremely concerned about. The only reason I'm posting since it's been so many years later - is because of the Hilton Union Square's dismissal and utter lack of concern for what was very tramatic for my daughter and me.

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