Hotel Sunrise
447 Valencia St, #101
San Francisco, CA 94103-3414

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We saw the room and wanted to cancel, but they would not refund our money.

This room was infested with bed bugs! And when we confronted the management they said they didn't know it was in this room, but the other rooms they knew had.

They knew that they had some bedbugs and they didn't warn anyone!!!

The department of health should step in here.


I live next to multiple rooms infested with bedbugs, on Friday August 17, 2012 a guest that has been here for weeks moved to another room on the 3rd floor more then likely spearing and taking with bedbugs, because of a bedbug problem is the reason for moving rooms, the same day, the room was rented out again, this time to a lady with 2 small kids. I am disgusted by, the SRO/ for known about these problems and doesn't act on this very serious problem. I questioned the F

ront Desk, managements Wife she told me it wasn't my business? It is my business, I live 1 room down from this infestation and disgusting bedbug nightmare and across the hall from other bedbug infested rooms. The building is more then likely infested with bedbugs. EWWEWWWW, HELP!!!"

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