Hotel Mirabelle
1906 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94103-3405

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My girlfriend and I booked a room for a week during the first week of March. After the second night we woke up itching and by the 3rd evening we had discovered it was from bed bugs. We immediately left and went to stay at another hotel. The next day when we asked for a refund the hotel manager and owner were extremely rude. It was a struggle just to get a refund for half the amount we paid and we were only there for 2 nights. The owner was a real prick and I would not recommend anyone stay here.

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In July 2012, stayed here a couple of days. Have stayed here 1 or 2 times previously with no qualms. I always liked the quaint aura. That was until i started itching a few days while staying there. Didnt think much about this though. At the time i didn't even know the story on bedbugs. But i had a slight feeling of something since it felt like my clothes were the source of the itching. It was when i lifted the bed that I was shocked - bugs, eggs - it was unbelievable! Then i started reading up

and realized that when you visibly see many of them, then its a major infestation. And to make matters worse, there was an actually bug perched on my shopping bag!!!!

Since then you can only imagine the mental anguish, throwing expensive clothes/suitcases away, the crawling feeling, drycleaning a million times and of course the scars.....

Unfortunately, my only recommendation is to shut this place down - its a major health hazard!!!

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There are bedbugs ALL over this hotel. Instead of taking any real action, they just put a tarp over the door of the room and fumigate, which just drives the bedbugs into another room. I got about 30 bites and they moved me to another room - 5 days later, more bites. The owner then became "unreachable" and I am still trying to secure a refund. The staff seems vaguely apologetic but acts like bedbugs are just an acceptable cost of doing business. DO NOT STAY HERE unless you want to lose the entire

contents of your suitcase to infestation.

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I truly love this place. My first visit was nothing short of perfect. THe location, the rooms, the staff were all splendid.

Unfortunately, I just returned from a recent stay at Mirabelle where I was bitten all over my arms, neck, and face by bed bugs. Staff did not seem surprised (which was infuriating). They did provide a full refund and dried all of my clothes and belongings on high heat.

So unfortunate - but truly a hassle as I now have welts all over my body and am paranoid that I

brought these critters into my home (additional bites kept appearing for 4 days - I hear it can take that long for them to show up).

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I stayed in this hotel for two nights. I stayed in the room on the second floor. I heard this hotel had bedbug infestations, but I wanted to give a try because the hotel has such high ratings on services. I put all of my clothing and luggage into a tightly sealed plastic bag to be prepared for prevening any bugs getting into my stuff since I don't want to bring anything with me to my home (bedbugs are good at hitchhiking onto your belongings). When I entered a room, I lifted mattress, but d

id not find anything. So I decided to stay in the room. Next morning, I woke up with itchy red swallen bedbug bites on my neck and legs. I requested for a room change. When I entered a new room, I lift a mattress, and saw black spills along with the mattress seams, and a disgusting lentil sized bug crawing and trying to hide between the mattress and boxspring. That prompted me immediately check out. Please please stay away from this hotel!!!

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Stayed here in early July & am still recovering from bedbug infestation I brought home with me. Several other guests complained of bedbugs as well. The Hotel's attitude seemed cavalier to say the least. They seem to treat 'as needed' rather than systematically debugging the Hotel!

My husband and I stayed here in May of 2012 for two nights. It wasn't till about 9 days later that we had bites all over us and we were already home.
Our home is now affected as they attached themselves to our luggage. Such a pain. Wish I had researched into this place more. Lovely place but will never be back or recommend as it seems like this has been a problem for a few years and still nothing has been done about it.

Sigh, I wish I had looked at this site before staying here. I really love this place and the staff here are really amazing, but.... well you already know how this story goes.

When I first moved here I checked the room quickly for bed bugs and didn't find anything. I didn't know much about the critters but I had heard SF has an outbreak. Anyway, I didn't search too thoroughly at first, just in the bed.

Well, now I've been here 8 days, I just woke up at 3:00 am with itches and turned the lig

ht on and found a bunch of bites on me, mostly on my arms (I wear a tshirt and long pajama pants to bed). After searching for an hour, I finally found one little fucker crawling on a wall towards the floor near the closet, not far from where my suitcase is. I don't care about the the few bites I got here, what REALLY SUCKS is that now all my luggage can be infected and unless I'm really really really really careful, I'm gonna get bed bugs at home here once I move out.

Argh, this sucks! Partly because I really like the people who work here, but mostly because I have to call a pest control professional now to deal with this. Sigh...

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I usually don't write up on these sites but I think its important for people to at least be warned about the bed bugs. ITS TRUE.
Its been about ten days since my friend and i stayed at the Mirabelle and I have about 12 bits on my body.
I think its silly to not take this seriously. If I had found this website, I think I would have looked for a different place for my stay.
I am constantly itching my body and its hard for me to get a good nights rest. Not mentioning the possibility

that the bugs could of followed me home. I have been washing and drying everything in my room several times.

This is all too bad because there is so much about this hotel that I really loved. The owners of this hotel are really great people. But they did have this care free and very disorganized way which makes me think that they are not taking care of this problem.
I hope people take this seriously and take the time to get rid of the bugs so that the visitors can enjoy the San Fran and the Mirabelle experience without having this problem to deal with.

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I just discovered this website and am compelled to tell about my experience during Memorial Day weekend 2010. I experience over 40-60 bites around my armpits, back and legs. The swelling and infection reactions was so severe I had to take time off from work and seek significant medical care. To this date I still have scars from my experience. I'm not sure that management has taken any steps to rectify the severe infestation in this establishment. I learned a painful lesson and will continue to

use this website to assure never having this experience again!

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My husband and I stayed here over Thanksgiving week. He had bites appear within a few days of exposure; over the week after Thanksgiving they swelled to unpleasant itchy welts in a fairly severe histamine reaction. I showed no bites until the outer edge of the reputed nine days they can take to appear, and so far my reaction has been minor.

Since we did not have bites appear until after we got home, we didn't report it to the hotel at the time. However, another guest experienced bedbug proble

ms in her room during our stay, and reports here and on Yelp showed that others have had encounters. The hotel doesn't seem to take even reasonable measures to deal with the problem. We won't be staying there again.

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I stayed at the Hotel Mirabelle in May with six other people. We had three rooms. Several of us got a serious amount of bites. My bites were probably the worst and lasted for weeks.

Overall the hotel is dirty. It's not filthy dirty, but it is very far from clean.

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