Hotel Astoria San Francisco
510 Bush St
San Francisco, CA 94108

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Our son unfortunatly stayed in this hotel and has had to move hotels due to bedbug bites he has sent us photos of his face.THEY WERE SO BAD THAT HE HAD TO VISIT A DOCTOR. NOT GOOD FOR A VISITOR FROM THE UK.

Stayed 2 nights. I have never had an experience with bed bugs, so the first morning when I woke up with bites, I thought they were mosquito bites. Then, the second morning there were even more bites. I pulled back my sheets to discover a bed bug (I am sure there were more) trying to escape the light. However, it was so engorged with my blood that it couldn’t move quickly. I quickly grabbed some tissue and snatched it up only to have it explode into a big bloody mess in the tissue. I was

horrified. The mattress looked new, but it didn’t seem to matter. The place is infested.

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I recently stayed at Hotel Astoria July 31-August 3. We stayed in room 602 and in the morning we found a bug. I have had bed bugs before and recognized the issue. We notified staff and they sent housekeepers to see. Luckily we had a picture, because the housekeepers crushed it and in Chinese told management they found nothing. They then notified us that the mattress is new, but when we lifted all the sheets there were black infestation marks on the sides. They then moved us to room 704 and we ha

d no other issues until we got home. We noticed we had bites all over us and are now having to control the problem in our apartment building. They are deny, deny, denying it as they know it will hurt them. We reported the issue at hand to the city.

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Was in San Francisco for Pride July 26, 2010. I don't recall our room number. We spent a few hours in our hotel room, laying in our bags, watching a movie then we decided to go out for dinner. We got back to our hotel room maybe an hour later and I was getting ready to go to sleep when my mother pointed out that there was a bug on my pillow. My initial reaction was to flick it off my pillow and away from me. Since I work for a pest control company for 5 years, I've seen my fair share of bed bugs

(especially in the past year) I'm very aware of what they look like. I found the bug I flicked and it was an adult bed bug. I Freaked Out! I called the front desk and told them we had bed bugs in our room. The guy at the front desk told me that there are no bed bugs below the fifth floor!! First of all, we were on the fourth floor, and if there is a confirmed bed bug population on the fifth floor, then they are going to make their way to the fouth floor, then the third and so on. The people gave us our money back, no questions asked and refunded the money we spent for an overnight parking structure several blocks away. They also provided us with trash bags to wrap up all our things in hopes of preventing taking the little blood-suckers home with us to infest our homes.


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