Hilton San Francisco Financial District Hotel
750 Kearny St
San Francisco, CA

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I stayed here 3 times in the last month. First time was fine - don't recall the room, but a low floor (8 maybe).

Second time (23 to 26 March 2014) I was in 12.07. Had several bites but was not really aware of them until I had left the hotel. Didn't connect them to the stay, at first.

Returned April 4 through 7, this time in room 16.03. Woke each morning to find many bites, in the distinctive tracks that I now know to be bed bugs. On my arms and legs, maybe 2 dozen places altogether.

The same redness and rash that I had the week before appeared (and a week later has yet to go down), and only when my wife suggested bed bugs and I looked up the symptoms did I realise that's what it was.

Checked out the next morning - early - and will not go back.

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I stayed here 12/16-12/19, 2013. Before this date, I had stayed here several times and had not had a problem nor seen evidence of bed bugs. When I lifted the sheets to check the mattress on Dec 16 (as I always do) I saw that the entire corner of the mattress was stained with black marks, a tell-tale sign of bed bugs. I was in room 1023. They moved me to another room and the mattresses appeared new and had a cover over them.

I stayed at this hotel from 6/12 - 6/14/2013 for a business trip and ended up bringing back bed bugs to my LA home via my luggage. I've already fumigated my house as well as had chemicals sprayed throughout and I am still dealing with lingering bed bugs today. Needless to say the Hilton has not attempted to treat this reoccurring issue and I will never stay there again.

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Stayed on Wednesday night, 7/25/12. Checked the room before bed, no sign of bugs. Awoke the next morning with eight or so bites, not in the typical "breakfast, lunch dinner" pattern but concerning nonetheless (and no blood spots on sheets either). Departed immediately, reported to Front Desk my concern. The hotel allegedly sent a "lab report" saying they had inspected the room and found nothing, but I never got such a report. Maybe a rogue spider, but multiple bites suggests otherwise.

Stayed here on October 2,2011
As soon as I entered my room I checked under my beds and dust ruffles and found bed bugs crawling on the box springs on one bed and what appeared to be blood spots or stains.I pulled out my phone and took pictures. I immediately went downstairs with my belongings and spoke with the manager. He informed Me that yes the pictures did look like bedbugs and that he has never had any issues at thus hotel. He relocated me and said he would call in an exterminator and blo

ck the room for 4 days.

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Stayed here August 3rd. I found no evidence on the mattress but when I came home I saw two bed bugs crawling inside my luggage in the car. I quickly went to the store and sprayed my luggage down with bedbug spray. The luggage is still in my car. I can't convince myself to bring it in the house.

Room 822 - Confirmed bedbugs

No signs of infestation when I checked the mattress and headboard, but before midnight on 1/25 I found a bug on the pillow of the bed in the room. I captured it and called the front desk. The next day the housekeeping manager called me and confirmed that the exterminator had identified it as a bedbug.

The hotel was very courteous - they put me in another room and sent out all my clothes for cleaning, but I won't be taking any chances bringing the bugs back home

with me.

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Dec 10 and 11, 2010

Inspected bed, no sign of bugs.
After 1 night, found two sets of blood on bedsheet.
Night 2, new sheets, found set of blood.
Two days later, got home and discovered a row of bites across my right back.

week of 9/13 - 9/17 business reasons
room 1522,

monday - nothing
tuesday - itchy on the fold leg behind knee, unknown bug bite clearly
wedneday - itchy same spot, possibly additional bite
looked everywhere, no signs of mosquitos, or anything.
looked at pictures of bedbugs, closely resemble my bite marks in leg.
thursday - checking the *@*!^ out.

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