Handlery Union Square Hotel
351 Geary St
San Francisco, CA

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Brought home bedbugs from this location. Stayed on the 3rd floor in December 2013.

I can't confirm an infestation because I checked the bed and the typical signs are not there but there are definitely some bed bugs. Could just be the start of something but after my my first night there on 11/19/2013, I woke up the next morning with about 6-7 bites in various areas of my body. After my second night there on 11/20/2013, there were a few more bites and this time in triangle patterns - which is a signature bed bug trait. I stayed in room 533.

Just stayed here last weekend, 7/12/12. Our reservation was for three nights but cancelled after one when I woke up to a bed bug crawling on my bed. It was bright red, which means that they just fed on blood (otherwise they are brown). The next day, my face, neck and arms were covered in red bites. One week later, new bites and red marks are popping up all over (which is normal for them to appear later I guess). They are extremely it itchy and painful and ugly. It is so embarrassing to go anywhe

re because the red rashy bumps are ALL over the front of my neck/under my chin. DO NOT STAY HERE!!

I videotape the bed big on my phone to show the manager, there was also a tiny blood stain on the sheet. YUCK.

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No bugs encountered here. I stayed in August 2011 and will stay there again.

I didn't encounter any bugs here. Stayed here summer 2011.

I stayed at the Hotel Handlery last September ('07). I would have reported about the infestation sooner, had I known about this sight.

I believe this hotel has a terrible problem. I received so many bites, that I thought I had some sort of rash. Then I caught a bed bug and realized what was going on.

Wish I had known the warning signs sooner....bloody streaks on the sheets, for example. By the time I figured it out, I was bitten head to toe.....must have had at least 150 bites

on me.

When I brought it to the attention of the people at the front desk, at first they were defensive. But it became clear before long that they had dealt with the problem before. They washed all my things (inc. suitcase, supposedly) and had them delivered to the hotel that I moved to. (And gave me $20 for a $4 cab ride.)
At the next hotel, I recieved a fruit and cheese plate from the VP of Hotel Handlery.

But I was terribly itchy for a week at least. This was a horrible horrible experience.

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