Galleria Park Hotel
191 Sutter St
San Francisco, CA 94104

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Galleria Park

I am the new general manager of Galleria Park hotel, a Joie de Vivre hotel, and I would like to respond to the report below.   Our company takes any bed bugs report seriously.  I would like to explain the steps we took upon reading this report.

We looked at our 2nd Effort Log, a system where our staff record all guests' requests or communication, and we did not find anyone reporting an incident related to bed bugs during that period.  In an effort to ensure the safety a

nd comfort of our guests in regard to this matter, Galleria Park has in place a proactive program to limit the possibility of such an occurrence. 

1. Our hotel staff has been trained in all protocols used to detect the presence of bedbugs. 

2. We have a contract with two third party pest control companies to make sure that they eradicate any bed bugs, if found.  They also provide a routine inspection of all of our guestrooms on a rotating basis. 

3. We employ a canine detection company, called ISOTECH, that specializes in this field to do routine inspections of the property. They use dogs that are specially trained to detect bedbugs.  We had this service completed in January, 2011.   If anyone would like a copy of the proof of service that was performed, feel free to email me at

At the Galleria Park Hotel, we pride ourselves in providing a safe, secure, and comfortable environment for all of our guests.

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I checked in at Galleria Park Hotel on a Saturday night...Woke up Sunday morning and felt my feetlegs itch but didn't think anything of it. On Monday the bites were noticeable on my feet/legs. I checked with my friends that also stayed at the hotel with me and one of them reported the same symptoms. Perhaps fleas or bed bugs...Itching and bites were gone within 1 week.

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