Embassy Hotel
610 Polk St
San Francisco, CA 94102-3328

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May 23-24, 2012. Room 315 is infested with bed bugs. I advised front desk, and their attitude was "I only work here...there is nothing I can do." "we only get them when the French tour groups stay here."
Well, I am not French, nor do I believe that they bring the bugs with them to San Francisco. I am a tour bus driver, and drive the French groups, and none of the other hotels we stay at throughout our tours have been infested with bed bugs...
My arms are covered in bug bites, and you c

an feel them jumping on your skin.
Do not stay here at any cost. It isn't worth it.

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Bugs of some sort seem to have returned. Tons of trash outside in the parking lot. Pigeon droppings are fouling the exterior of building.
Think twice about taking your clothes out of plastic bags in this place.

1/2/11-Found a bedbug and other insects in room. Management leaves trash pile outside.

Stayed for a night for an event in SF and didn't want to pay a large sum of money.

Everything about that place was filthy and disgusting.

Not to mention the huge bed bugs we found as we were leaving our room..

Avoid this place at all costs. Trust me. Stick with a chain, they have better standards.
Even a best western has better cleaning standards...
as well as locks that work.

On april 8 i went to St. francis hospital ER with horrible swollen bites on my arms. It was diagnosed as "infected bed bites" I was told to return to my primary care Dr. Who did blook tests and told me to go a dermatologists. This has been going on since that time. I have purchased a new bed, bed frame, pillows etc. Had all my clothes cleaned at my own expense. I have reported all incidents to the hotel management and the Dept of building inspections as well as the health dept. Nothing has been.

On going contruction has in the bar/restaurant attached to the hotel have produced mountains of trash for months on end. The new bar owner says he will remove the trash,combustible materials. Nothing has happened in 6 months time. I have called the dept of building inspections again, called the dept of health and sent a certified letter to the owner, who has not picked up the letter since Sept 23. I will get a letter from my Dr.s detailing all events and I'm thinking of going to small claims court. I am a senior resident of this hotel.

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The first day I arrived at the hotel, I noticed that the room structure was in bad shape specially the bathroom. It needs to be remodel because it gives a bad impression due to how old it is.

When I when to bed on 08-18-10 I noticed that the bed felt like if it had sand or some kind of crumbs under the sheets so I got up and moved the sheets around. I felt some itching but though I could have been the weather change since I had just arrived from Fontana California where the weather was

like in the one hundreds. So I manage to sleep since I was very tire. The next morning I noticed that my hand had red spots so I though mosquito bites but not possible because my windows were not open.

The second night 08-19-10 was the worse as I when to bed within 40 minutes that I was lying down my body started itching again when I just had showered. I was moving around the bed but no luck. as it got later in the night I could not stop scratching in various areas of my body so around 3:00 am I got up. I started lifting the sheets and started noticing random black spots as if it was black pepper. As I removed the first layer of sheets toward the bottom or closer to my feet, I notice that it had dry boogers like if some one flicker them and they landed on the sheets.

After seen all that I was not able to go back to sleep and waited for my day to start and leave the hotel since it was my last night there.

The exhaust vents in the bathroom are just nasty since they are not clean regularly.

I would have preferred to stay like in a motel 6 or Days-In since I could say that Its better and cleaner.

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