Element Hotel
2516 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94110-2512

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1/8/12: Found a bed bug while staying in this hostel. There are multiple reports on multiple websites about this problem. The hotels claim to have eradicated the infestation is obviously false.

stayed here 9/12/2011. My partner currently looks like a dalmatian because of the dozens of bedbug bites she got from this place. A number of guests had similar experiences. Horrible.

BEDBUGS in every room/every bed.This Hostel is infested with Bedbugs.The service is miserable and management is doing nothing to get rid of them.

I stayed in a dorm room (room 208) with five other friends last night (7/9/2011) and several of us woke up in the middle of the night with bedbugs crawling on our mattresses and on us. One of my friends killed one that had already bitten her. They were large enough to be visible crawling around on the mattresses. We ended up checking out at 3 am and going to a different hotel because we were all so grossed out. We got a refund but the employee at the front desk wasn't particularly surprised

or apologetic. Several of my friends had stayed at Element before and said it used to be in a lot better condition than now, maybe it is under new management? I would not recommend staying here.

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Checked into a dorm room on 3/27/2011. I was sitting on my bed and talking to my new roommate when we saw some bugs crawling on the mattress across from us. They were definitely bed bugs. It was too late to go to another hotel, so we went to another room...bed bugs in there as well. Finally got a private room without bugs and stayed there for the night. I checked out the next day and was charged for 3 nights because of the cancellation policy. Don't stay here.

Twelve students on an alternative spring break trip stayed at this hostel last week (March, 2011) and at least four of us have had bites. We saw a bug on a person our last night, and now we're all having to deal with cleaning all of our belongings. Stay away from this place! The employees seem clueless about the issue, which they've obviously heard about before.

This horrible place had BED BUGS which bit me from head to toe when I stayed there. I apparently brought them back home with me and have been dealing with them for the past 3 MONTHS! DO NOT STAY HERE...you may be better off spending more cash on a a cleaner and better maintained place. This occurred December 10th, 2010. I have since regretted staying in that room more than anything, as these bed bugs, or mites or whatever have been plaguing my home for way too long.

Saturday Oct.2nd, 2010

I have not yet seen a bed bug but i have many bites on my arms, feet, & legs that look just like the "bed bug bites" I googled (approx 10bites). I noticed the bites about a day after leaving this hostel. If i remember correctly i was in room 208. My friend who was with me has not recieved any bites.

December 27th, 2009 checked into hostel around 11pm after a long day of travel. I had stayed there when it first opened and found it clean and affordable. My impression the second time around was not as favorable. I work in non-profit housing and am very aware of the bedbug epidemic in major cities, and have taken to checking mattresses and bed frames before settling into any hotel room. When I got to my bed in Elements, I put my blankets down on the bed and began my inspection when I found

a full-sized, live adult bedbug on the bed. I killed the bug with a tissue, brought my luggage out of the room immediately and googled a photo of bedbugs just to be sure. There was no question, and a fellow guest saw my querying and said that other guests had reported "rashes" and thought bedbugs-- but the management was in full-denial. I went down to the front desk (all of this occurred in just 15 minutes after checking-in) and showed them the bedbug and said that I couldn't stay and wanted a refund. They denied that the bug had been from their bed and refused a refund at first but I eventually convinced them to give me a full refund.

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My friend came home with bed bugs after staying there the weekend of July 17th 2009. Luckily she found them before she unpacked. She hasn't seen any since.

I was in that hostel for some days and I find BEDBUGS in my bed.

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