Castro Hotel
705 Vallejo St
San Francisco, CA 94133-3820

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More bedbugs. 2 treatments this week. The property is filled with them. Horrible staff.

I stayed here a few months. During the time, 3 residents had bedbug treatments in their rooms. Mattresses were left out in hallways for days and disposed of in front of the hotel, where they stayed for a week or more. The rest of the property was never treated and the staff never mentioned the problem to any of the other residents.

A friend still stays there and he said there have been 2 rooms treated (that he's seen) in the month of March 2011. It's only March 11th.

It's a "clean p

lace" compared to the other SRO's in the area, but the bedbug problem is a big problem and isn't being properly addressed. It will just keep spreading. Beware to anyone who considers staying there. The staff keep it quiet but everyone should know the truth.

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Place is the cleanest sro and hotel in the area. I have been to many and this is by far the nicest.

I am a service provider. I have several clients at this address all independently complaining of bed bugs.

No nearby bug reports