Castle Inn Motel
1565 Broadway
San Francisco, CA 94109-2515

Found 4 reports:

Cheched in Nov. 13 for four nights. Had ouple of red welts in the morning. Last .night if our stay we found One on the pillow. These bugs are fast movers. It went inside the pillow case to hice bit could ser it hrough the cloth. Killed it and later found there more. No sleep the last. Office closed until 7:15. Will never go back.

A couple of friends and I also stayed in room "S" february 2011. One of the girls woke up one morning to several bed bug bites all over back, stomach, arms, legs, etc. I also had many bites that appeared a day later on the same areas and my neck. We both also noticed a couple blood spots on the sheets.

My family stayed in this horrible place on March07, 2011. We stayed room"s". Next day me and my wift work up with several red-spots on fingers and toes. Later we found probably more than 60spots all over me and my wife's neck and extremities. Thank god my kids stayed on the other room and have no bites. Anyway that ruined our trip badly and I still suffering from those bites. Do not go there!

Stayed here on the night of June 29, 2009 in I believe either room 211 or 112. I woke up with a dead bed bug in my hair hopefully I haven't brought them home with me!

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