Cable Car Hotel
1388 California St
San Francisco, CA 94109-4915

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Hi! I just happened to search mainly to learn if this hotel still exists. Seems it does and I wonder how it stayed in business all this time. I took a room at Cable Car Hotel in 1973! Yes, quite awhile ago. Just to add history to other reports, the bed bug problem existed then too! I had no idea about this until I got bites and itches. I got something to get rid of the pests and washed bedding. The bed bug problem was then gone for the most part. Room rent was much cheaper. $25 per week! The hot

el had residents whom I'd say were in the wrong social class. For example, troublemakers, a former bank robber and hard core alcoholics. It seemed to be a hotel for those who were short on cash and had trouble fitting into society. Basically, Cable Car Hotel was a skid row flop house. It seems the city would be aware of shortcomings at this hotel and require something to be done.

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8/17/11 - 8/25/11 I live in SF but had to get a temporary hotel stay because of roommate issues. I chose this place because the weekly price seemed reasonable ($225 with private bath). As any resident or tourist will tell you a 2 week stay in SF at a "regular" hotel i.e Marriot, Holiday Inn could run you near $1000. So I thought this place was a relative deal.

My circumstances didn't allow me much time to shop around for accomodations. I saw the ad on CL and called and was informed a room h

ad been vacated the same morning. I stopped by to look over the room but Marc (manager/ part co-owner) claimed room was being cleaned as we spoke but I could have it if I went ahead and paid for the room. I was desperate so I went ahead and secured the room, sight unseen.

My room number was 203-A. The room had the "lived-in" appearance. Although management claimed the room was recently vacated and had been cleaned hours prior to my arrival, I still noticed trash under the bed and food particles enbedded in the carpet. I also found roach "hotels" placed on door and window sills, behind the toilet and underneath the bed.

The bed mattresses themselves were exposed minus one thin worn-out bed sheet and a pillowcase stuffed with two disgustingly brown stained pillows. Needless, I went ahead and washed the sheets along with laundry I had that evening, and I went to bed much like I would at any other time/place.

The first night went uneventful. However, the second morning, I woke up withnoticable circular, reddish (and itchy) marks around both of my ankles. I have never been bitten by bedbugs previously and thought maybe these were spider bites. Quick online reseach of the bite markes and patterns indicated I was visited by bedbugs. The website ( calmed my fears when it said that bedbugs have not been known to transmit diseases to humans and the only noticable clinical issues are the accompany rash marks and itchiness.

I informed hotel management of the issue and he calmingly agreed that it was/is a common issue in all of the rooms. He offered me some portable bug spray and that was the extent of their concern. And because the bites were not clinically contagious and I had limited funds, I took the spray and hoped for the best.

Hoping for the best didn't work. Over my 2 week stay, I've been bitten under my chin, around the neck and around the hands. And although "begbug bites don't transmit diseases" according to medical professionals, the quality of life lost by stressing over sleeping at night and the enbarrassing rash marks you have to explain to friends, classmates, etc, the $225 a week I spent at the hotel was not worth the percieved financial savings.

And the sad thing was I never saw a single bug. And I was upset as hell management didn't inform tenants and guest of the issue. Profit over health! So unless your only housing options are jail or the streets, aviod this place!!!

I'll even be happy to send camera phone pics of my rashes as I've used them to document in my journal.

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07/15/11 After a week here I had at least fifty bites.i tried some spray I bought but it didn't work. I never could spot the bugs themselves except for one dead one under the mattresses. The room had new carpet and plastic around the mattresses but was still overrun by bedbugs and roaches. The management and every other guest or resident I spoke with admitted to knowing about the problem.

Bed bugs everywhere changed rooms twice and they never clean or steamed the rooms. beware of all ready there bodily fuilds.

have stayed here from 4.13.2011 - 4.20.2011; saw 1 bedbug the first day, 2 the second and lost count starting on day 3. There are lots of long-term tenants here and when one of them moves out, the hotel cleans the room(s); this seems to agitate the bugs so they flee into neighboring rooms, looking for a quiet meal. Unfortunately, that meal has been me to some degree.

Management definitely knows about the bugs: when they clean the rooms, they use some kind of insecticide powder that includes t

he word "bedbug" in the product name (it comes in an opaque white plastic squeeze bottle -like the ketchup/mustard/mayo bottles you see behind the counter at Subway- with red printed text on it).

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