Adelaide Hostel
5 Isadora Duncan Ln
San Francisco, CA 94102-1220

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I visited this past May. Given that my visit to San Francisco is a stop on my round the world travel, I have visited many hostels to save money. The Adelaide hostel was one of the dirtier locations I visited.

I did not show adverser reactions to bedbugs, but one of the girls in my room showed a severe reaction to bed bug bite during her stay at the Adelaide. We were told they have never had a problem with bed bugs.

Upon further investigation, we were lied to by the owner of the Ade


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May 23, 2014

I've stayed at this hostel a few times and it was always clean, never had this problem before until this last time.

I noticed the place is really dirty now, stains everywhere, little crumbs of stuff in my "clean" bed. I was in bed for about 5 minutes and I ended up with bites all over my feet, legs, arms, hands and neck. I'm so itchy.

This place is infested! I got bit all over my neck and shoulders which left scars. I looked under the sheet and saw little blood stains all over. Clearly this is not a new issue. I was basically told by an employee that this is standard here. "Constant battle" was the term used. Don't stay here!

I stayed there in Aug 2010. Although it's a very beautiful hostel, I got some bites on my feet in the dorm. I looked up the bites of bedbugs and mine matched them perfectly. I was leaving that day, but it skeaved me out so much, I would never recommend this hostel or stay there again. It's a shame because the location was good, price was right, and it was beautiful.

Caught two bed begs this week.

I hate to give them a bad review, because up until the 5th night I had a great stay at this hostel.

I was staying in a private room the 'Gerard' with my boyfriend. The room appeared to be clean, but about 5 days in I discovered about 10 bites on my arms, legs, and neck.

I slept in the room one more night after that and didn't get any more bites that I could tell.

When I told reception they were very apologetic and moved us to another hotel room for our last night.

I searched the

room for bugs, but couldn't actually find any, or any traces.

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I have been a guest at the Adelaide hostel ,mice in the kitchen dirty beds with bedbugs,I got lots of bites and they spray chemical in the room when people sleep.

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