Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina
1380 Harbor Island Dr
San Diego, CA 92101

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I AM LIVID! We stayed only ONE NIGHT, my husband and children were eaten alive by the bedbugs, then when we got home THE BEDBUGS CAME WITH US!!!!!! It is over a month later and we are still battling this problem which has ended up costing thousands of dollars between the exterminators and new beds AND mattresses!!!! SO FAR I HAVE HAD NO HELP FROM THIS HOTEL - I REPORTED THE PROBLEM WEEKS AGO AND WAS PROMISED A PHONE CALL BACK AND HAVE NOT HEARD FROM THEM YET!!!! DO NOT STAY HERE!!!!!!!!!

I woke up 7/25/12 with bug bites. Big red welts all over daughter and I's arms and legs. Bed bug infested. Front desk says its nothing

Here for conference. I woke up with bites on both arms and legs. Looked for evidence of bugs, but couldn't see them. Now I'm afraid I'll carry them back home to Charleston, SC.

January 2011
Rooms 443 and 446

Stayed here for a work converence. I noticed bites the second afternoon all over my legs. I asked to be moved to another room.

I felt like all was good until I woke up itching all over. I ended up with bites on my back, legs and even my face.

I was confused because I could not actually see bugs. I called a doctor who is specialized in travel medicine. He said you do not always see bedbugs.

The staff seemed to care less about my situation. I ema

iled corporate when I returned home only to get a reply that my email had been forward to that specific location I stayed at.

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room 1140, August 20-21, 1009

at a very busy seminar, with a non-refundable 10 night stay... woke up first morning with bites on left inside forearm. Thought maybe they were spider bites. Went into the bathroom and looked at my face in the mirror, 3 more bites on the left side of my face. Had to run to seminar, was there until late that night. Thought nothing more until second morning when woke up with bites on right hand and forearm, some on outer thigh.

Complained to hotel staff, they ac

ted like they were not surprised and immediately offered to move our room. hotel staff not concerned at all about my bites, in fact when we took the complaint up to a higher level front desk manager, he didn't act surprised either. We've been here 9 nights now, and they have not called once to ask how I am doing and if the bites are better. I took photos. I am not happy. Still itching and miserable, what, 8 nights later now?

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