Peachtree Inn
901 F St
San Diego, CA 92101

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I just called room #414 and my voice is still answering the phone after three plus years. I know them bed bugs are Big Ass HELL now!

Bed Bugs here are a real threat to your health
The management tried everything to rid the bugs
but no success. Management now are being sued
The best I can say stay away find another place to stay
I lived here for a long while(yrs) and now feb 2014 The same problem
The problem is with management and tenant
Management = Tried but failed
Tenant = Lazy, because you as a tenant can rid them
with steam cleaner and plastic bed covers and a bedbug spry.
In short management and tenant ar

e to blame

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I am currently staying there until I find an apartment. I had previously been staying with a friend and that was not working out at all. I knew i needed a temp place until....... I surfed the Internet and located the Peach Tree. I have seen it and heard of it before, but i never paid any attention to it, until I needed a spot. I checked the place out during my lunch break and was greated by a "Tina" who showed me a room on the 1st floor. It was small, but decent and the hallway did not smell all

that bad. I paid almost $500.00 to move in that day. When i got off of work I went to get my key card and proceeded to go to the room I was shown. I coudl not get in for almost 10 min and when i went to the front sdesk i was told I was on a completly different floorr. The hallways smell like old shoes. Bottom line is after 11 days and thinking I was in the clear of the bed-bug epidemic, I woke up with 14 bites on me. I went to Home Depot, Bombed, sprayed, used clorox, pine Sol, Mr Clean, you name it, i used it to disinfect. All the while the bugs were lines up along the rim of the bedspread closest to the wall, just hanging out. I got rid of all their bedding. Moral of the story DO NOT SLEEP ON THEIR SHEETS!! DO NOT USE THEIR BEDSPREADS!!!!!!!! DO NOT STAY THERE LONG!!!!!!!!

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We moved in November '12. We WERE NOT told that there is a
BED BUG INFESTATION!!!! We spend $$$ on plastic covers for mattress and boxsprings as was stated in an article written by the Mayo Clinic.

This is awful. My husband and myself are covered in WELTS.

I live at Trolley Court and they are also Hom Tom Group owned.

The problem is that they have STAFF try to eliminate the bedbugs. Bedbugs are very hard to get rid of. They need to have a quaranteen room to move and treat the furniture, while treating the empty room completely, including the baseboards and electrical outlets etc.
Of course this could mean more than 1 days treating and that would mean giving a place to sleep for the tenant too. That spells money.
They are unwilling to eliminat

e the problem. All they are doing is trying to control it.
I see that a new highrise will be going up soon.

The board of directors simply want to make as much money as possible in the meantime.

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Bedbugs? I never heard of them -- until 2 months after I moved into the Peachtree Inn. One day I woke up scratching my feet. I knew something was wrong because I've NEVER had a skin problem. Just 3 days later, my feet had hideous red spots. On my radiator and bed linen were red spots too.

BTW, while tenants are absent employees enter the rooms unannounced (which is illegal). So they, too, spread the bedbugs from room to room. I moved out immediately.

That Is Not true Thier are o bed bugs unless people bring them Inn. Some guy from N.Y. was stoned on dope every day and kept complaining About them, his room Had been Inspected And He Accepted t As Clean before he Moved His Dirty Smelly Clothing Inn. He Later moved To the Salvation Army and it was clear he had brought them into our fine hotel. He is currently being sued by the trolley court.

I've been here for about 4 months now and got them from somewheres else. Staff treated with some high pwered heater and I havent had a prblm.

As if the tenants (mentally ill, ex-convicts, child sex offenders, etc) were not bad enough, I was FORCED to leave due to the bed bugs! There were cockroaches and other unidentifiable bug species too.) I lived there in 2010 for 5 months. I have hideous spots that will never go away. I never head of bed bugs until I moved in. They attack you after 3 am when you are sound asleep.T They return to baseboards and concealed areas where they sleep during the day, like vampire bats. I woke up scratching

. A day or two later I had scars. It was horrible. As I moved out, I heard a brand new elderly tenant screaming at the front desk personnel about how she was becoming SICK from these bugs.

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I`ve stayed in the Trolley Court for about a year.
Now I`m staying at the PeachTree Inn. It`s the same goddamn problem. I wake up with red marks and scratching and itching!They spray the rooms like every three months.Somebody needs too something quick,I`m trying too get out of here but as of now there`s nowhere to go. So I`m gonna
follow procedures and take them to Court!
Please somebody get rid of these Damn Bugs!

I have had bed bugs for so long and they treated and treated. I just did not understand why they would not die!

The new manager lady came in and wow what a difference. It was lots of work to treat but I DO NOT HAVE ANY MORE BED BUGS.

This new manager Lidia is great. She helped me to get my room ready and the bed bugs are all gone!

Way to go Peachtree! I have my friends coming to check it out and move in, great specials right now.

I had them, but the staff got rid of them. They got a new treatment that really works. Also, us tenants need to be careful where wer go...our friends can have them and we can bring them to our home without knowing.

All I can say is they are everywhere. The owners should be held accountable. This place is ghetto anyway. Why live here when you can live in a shelter. Steer far far away! It's Bed Bug Haven !

my brother lives here and he says he is suffering every night night after night. Isn't there a law?!

I live here and have serious problems w/ bed bugs & I'm having an impossible time getting rid of them. These things are a nightmare!

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