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San Diego, CA

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That is not true - no one met with me in 2007 - I did not know I had seriously been bit till i arrived home and went to dermatologist wondering what was these terrible things were all over me.
I thought many things before bed bugs bugs as I didn't know what they looked like or what was biting me. At the time I suspected fleas - but
it is indeed true the hotel did nothing other than tell me i was crazy over the phone.
I had never been bitten before or since that time in 2007. I stay in

hotels all the time.
no one ever contacted me after the one complaint i made by phone after seeing a doctor, no one apologized or moved my room, none of that happened.

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Definitely had a bed bug encounter this week (7/14/11) I was bitten over 100 times over most of my body continuously over the week. I suspected bugs the first day but did not see any evidence until the next to the last day. I collected the bug and it was confirmed by hotel mgr and exterminator. Now I will say that the hotel management took the matter seriously. They moved me to another room, washed all of my clothes, and put my suitcase and shoes into the deep freeze. They told me that th

ey were having the room heated by the exterminator to kill any remaining bugs. Also, my business colleague was in another room and didn't have any problems. I've been to the dr for steroid shot and cortisone cream. Not pleasant but I would think that this hotel has dealt with the problem successfully and the room should be ok. I'll be on the lookout now from the first bite and it won't take me 4 days to figure it out!!

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Good Afternoon,

I was wondering if I could reply to the e-mail that is on your site about our hotel in 2007. We did meet and speak to this guest and did not locate or see any bed bugs, unfortunately, we do not know what caused her redness and itchiness. I have been with the hotel for 17 years and have never encountered this problem with any guest? Is there any chance we can have this deleted from our account. Please give me a call or I would appreciate a response.

Many thanks,

Ed Deleha

Director of Sales
Park Manor Suites/San Diego
(619) 291-0999 ext 166

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I was bitten hundreds of time and had to take steriods for quite a while, plus many costly creams to eliminate the bites. I also reported it to them in a very kind manor and was told they simply do not have a bedbug problem end of story.
I still have the very itchy bites 3 weeks later and want to protect others from the Park Manor.

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