Innsuites Hotels and Suites San Diego Balboa Park
2223 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA 92104-1103

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July 14, 2014. We checked the bed bug registry before we booked the room. Woke up Monday morning, and my husband saw a bed bug on my pillow as I was in the shower. He grabbed it with some paper and squeezed it, blood came out. He called the front desk immediately. They came up and checked it out. Didn't seem concerned at all. Freaked us out. Will never stay there again!!!!!

Definitely had bed bugs! Yikes.

The next morning I woke with all kinds of bites when I asked up front I was told they knew about them and they had the beg bugs before.

The front desk said they closed my room and planned to have it sprayed.

Stayed at the hotel on 11/13/2010 room# 203

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