Hotel Occidental LLC
410 Elm St
San Diego, CA 92101-2613

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i stayed at this hotel for one week and was bitten up by bedbugs.It is a very cheap hotel. I asked for my money back but was denied and they also took my deposit and would not return it to me because they said my room was extremely dirty.I would not stay here ever again that is why i am writing on this blog. I want to help people not make the same mistake i made. Still itching from bites.The staff did not care about the situation of bedbugs in their hotel.

WE AGREE with the other report on this hotel!!!!!!!!BEDBUGS and RATS......also they make up stories to keep your $200 your mattress smells and your sink is dirty and making false accusations like you have feces on your clothes.....WHAT A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!BEWARE DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL AT ANT COST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have stayed in this hotel for 3 weeks. First a week and a half, it was peaceful and tranquil. I even satisfied that the hotel looked clean and well maintained. However, things happened the next week. When I was talking on the phone, I saw something small and quick was jumping over my luggage. I thought it was a shadow of cars passing by at first, but then I realized that it was a RAT!!!!!!! I was in panic to get out of the mouse but it did not help. After that, bed bugs appeared. I got a lot o

f bites and scared to stay in the hotel. I decided to move out as soon as possible. Be aware and careful even though hotels look clean. Things might happen !

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