Hilton San Diego Resort
1775 E Mission Bay Dr
San Diego, CA

Found 4 reports:

Bed bug spotted in a room in the Villa Marivilla building on October 19th. Picture taken of bed bug climbing up on headboard (fabric) and reported to hotel management. Moved to another building right away!

However, management still denies they have a bed bug problem even though dogs were on site yesterday to do "routine inspections" When asked guest at the hotel were told they did not have any bedbugs at their hotel! (Here for a conference of over 300 people who for the most part do not know

there is a problem!).

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On October 5, my best friend and I arrived at the Hilton San Diego Resort and Spa. After a long day of travelling we went to bed. We woke up the next morning and everything seemed fine. By that afternoon I had itchy red marks all over my upper body. We pulled all of the bedding back and found 2 bugs. We immediately notified the front desk and requested a manager. Security and Engineering came up. They took the bugs that we put in a baggie and looked at one corner of one of the headboards a

nd immediately left the room. We looked at the headboard and you could clearly see the eggs. When the hotel manager Elizabeth came to the room and saw the bites, she asked me if I ever had something like this happen before and proceeded to tell me that the bugs are hitch-hikers and I could have brought them with me, even from the plane. This WAS NOT the case.

All of our belongings had to be left in the room over-night until the exterminator was aloud to come back THE NEXT DAY to treat!!!! We finally got our belongings back the evening of the 7th. I spent the morning at urgent care, put on steroids and creams to try to get rid of the hideous bit marks. It is 8 days later and I am still itching and have marks all over my upper body.

In light of the comments and suggestion that this could somehow be my fault, the hotel sales manager Deneda did her VERY best to make this situation better. She offered new clothing, paid for meals, got cabs rides for the Urgent care visit and they are paying for all of my expenses.

Outside of the frustration of my vacation being ruined, and being eaten alive by bed bugs, Elizabeth was by far the worst part of this. For her to even say that I could have brought these bugs with me is completely OBSURED and WAY out of line. The room was obviously infested and required extermination. They even had the exterminator meet with us to talk about our options and the situation.

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Date: April 25 - 28, 2010
Hilton Mission Bay Resort, room 608
Came home with bites all over.

Dec 19th overnight stay Hilton San Diego resort Room 467. woke up with bites everywhere.pulled back sheets and am so grossed out ........ caught actual bugs and took photos. Will post when I get home.Hotel tried to remedy with a free breakfast and parking......... I AM BLEEDING...... bacon and eggs is not going to fix this.
Will file a formal complaint with corporate and see where it goes