Hilton San Diego Mission Valley
901 Camino Del Rio S
San Diego, CA 92108-3515

Found 3 reports:

Stayed here November 4-7th. My fiancé got there the 3rd. After her first night she was covered in bedbug bites! They moved our room to the 14th floor and she didn't have another occurrence....until... On our last day as we were preparing to leave the room and check out what did we find? That's right, 4 bedbugs walking from under the bed. Stay away for this and most hotels in San Diego. It used to be called flea city in the 1800's for a reason.

AVOID. The hotel was shabby enough without the bed bugs.

Stayed one night in room 603. In the morning my GF spotted an adult bed bug crawling in our bed. Brought it down to the front desk in an empty water bottle and demanded a full refund. The concierge quickly whisked it away (I had already taken pictures and video so I wasn't concerned). The manager came out and was speaking so timidly that I could barely hear her. In addition to a full refund. She said that they would quarantine the

room and fumigate, as if I cared...

The rooms were already musty smelling and the windows don't open, so I feel sorry for the next person to sleep in it after fumigation.

We stripped and washed everything before it came into the house, so hopefully they don't show up in our bed....

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Checked into Hotel Sept. 2nd. My husband woke up next morning with a few insect bites. The bites continued to increase. I didn't get any noticable bites Checked out on Sept. 6th. Due to the fact that I didn't have any bites we thought it couldn't be bed bugs.After returning home my husbands body continued to became completely covered with large swollen, itchy welts. I woke up today with small mildly itchy areas, so I went on-line to discover that it isn't uncommon for one person sleeping in the

same bed to not get the same immediate infestation symptom. I then found a few small bugs and some small blood spots in our mattress. Inspection confirmed that there are now bed bugs in our bed at home.

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