Hilton San Diego Bayfront
1 Park Blvd
San Diego, CA 92101-7424

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February 2015

Received numerous bites in areas on my neck, back, arms, one leg, nape of the neck, and both hands. The room must be infested with bed bugs due to the amount of bites received. Noticed some itching on back and neck after the first night at hotel. Three nights later the bites appeared full on. Saw my doctor who confirmed they were bed bug bites and that I had a severe allergic reaction. After over one week, the bite areas became more inflamed and the itch was so terrible it broug

ht me to my knees in tears. I spent $50 in doctor bills (2 visits and steroids), $30 In antihistamine creams and calamine lotion, missed a week of work, missed a lot of sleep due to psychological challenge - thinking bugs were brought home and crawling on me, had to cancel plans with family and friends due to lack of sleep and severe pain (not to mention everyone thought I had bed bugs and didn't want to be around me until cleared by a professional)...... AND spent over $300 for a company who specializes in bed bugs to send a dog to sniff my house and belongings... Not to mention concern and embarrassment from neighbors in my row of town homes. I experienced severe pain and itching, embarrassment at work and community, and unnecessary bills. Worst of all, I still have scars on my neck, back, and back of the knee. Hilton gave me the run around and NEVER did anything to satisfy my complaint. They didn't even offer to comp my stay, offer to pay my medical/bug treatment, or provide another stay at a Hilton proper at no charge... Or say I'm sorry for the inconvenience. As a FORMER Hilton Honors member and frequent traveler, I will NEVER stay at a Hilton property again. I am beyond blown away how a multi-million dollar company could ignore such a serious problem and complaint that completely flipped my life upside down for several weeks.

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My wife and i just visited my sister for a few hours...my wife has already noticed bites...and I found the bug!!! Hoping
hope it was the only one!!

Stayed at Hilton Bayfront 9th-15th of may 2014, room 2962. After a few days my roomate noticed several rash-like bumps appearing close to each other in proximal direction on his wrist. The following days, more rash appeared proximal of the first series of rash. After 5 days, I noticed itching bumps on my own wrist. Now at home 3 days later, more bumps have appeared on my thoracic region and both shoulders. They seem to appear in clusters close together, like if something have taken a walk on

me and bitten me along the way. I did not expect this, maybe from a cheap backstreet hostel in asia, but from a Hilton Hotel... It's a disgrace really.

Hope I didnt bring those f**kers home with me...

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I recently stayed for two nights. On the morning after the second night my neck was itchy. I didn't think anything of it until I got home. The following morning I had several distinct bite marks where my neck had been itchy. More marks are appearing. I am afraid i brought bed bugs home with me as I had gifts for my children in my suitcase as well. I stayed in room 2707 slept in bed closest to window

I stayed with my kids on May 26. My son got bug bites on face ad neck area. So, I reported and complained it. Also, I took several pictures for evidence then showed to them. After a day, I got a call from a lady who seems to work at the Hotel. She said she can't do anything about it. And bug bites are nature of this world. And even they teased me, 'if you have right solution to get rid of bugs, please let us know'. They didn't even say 'apology'. And even the bugs might followed with us.


is hotel is worst. Don't waste your money. If you have extra money, don't care about yourself, and want to still ruin your trip, then this is the right hotel.

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I stayed at the Hilton Bayfront San Diego May 30-June 2.
Checked out June 2. I noticed bites one day to several days after checkout. What followed was severe allergic reaction and severely swollen lymph nodes. One month later bites only now scabbed but continue to have a severe itch.
The lesions were 2 to 5 mm erythematous maculopapular lesions with a central hemorrhagic punctum. A few became infected.
I contacted the hotel and asked them to look at the room I stayed. They refused to inve

stigate, inform, or cooperate in any way. After talking to multiple managers, including Anita, who told me to wash my clothes and hung up.

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During my stay on 2/10/12 and 2/11/12. I was bit on the foot first and then legs and arm in two diferent rooms. Rooms 2217 and 3004. The hotel was no help just moved my room from 2217 to 3004. I called corp Hilton No help at all. I was told the hotel had thee days to fix. What I am in the hotel now! I called the press ie; Union Trib and now will also be calling the SD department of helath on Monday and I will see my doctor.

At approximately 5:30am on the third and last night of my October 2011 stay at the Bayfront Hilton in San Diego, I awoke to bed bugs on the pillow of the bed. The white bedding made it relatively easy to photograph and video the bugs and the bloodstains on the sheets from where I had been bitten. It took two calls and approximately thirty minutes for the “head housekeeper” to come to the room to look at the bugs. She let me know that there had been “other reports” of bed

bugs in the hotel.

The front desk informed me that the hotel “takes these reports seriously" and offered to have all of my belongings sent out for treatment – though they could not easily explain what the treatment was or who, or what organization would perform this treatment. The front desk explained that the treatment would take approximately two weeks at no cost to me. I declined this treatment given the hotel could not provide any details on what their “treatment/cleaning” process entailed or where my belongings would go.

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