Good Nite Inn Seaworld
3880 Greenwood St
San Diego, CA 92110-4412

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Stayed there dec 12-13 in room 214 around 3am started to get bit by bed bugs I told who ever was on at the front and told them they were so disrespectful and giving attitude finally change room to 324 then the next day I want to get late check out then I ask to talk to the manager they gave me the run around then when finally got hold of the manager he said I want u off my property hurry up get out add insult to injury he said I'm not gunna give u a refund I'm tell hot wire that to he didn't sou

nd professinol disrespectfully I'm take it up with small claims court an who ever was the manager I want an opplogy and Ahmed was at the front desk kno who was the manger

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Stayed at this hotel, booked online. Seemed ok, but myself and my family started getting bug bites. I work in a hospital and I checked with an ER Physician. He told my we were all bitten by bed bugs! He told me there can be up to a 9 day delay in the bites showing up, so even though we are home now we can still have bites show up. At first we thought it was an allergic reaction to something so we did not give it a second thought. Now Iknow better and have learned how to check a room. The

little stains were on the sheets but I did not know to equate it with bed bugs. We stayed there for 1 week in July so you can imagine what our skin looks like!

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MY husband and I we were to celebrate 1 year of marriege to San Diego seaworld and San diego Zoo. that was the last september 12 2010.and we wanted to stay in place closed to both of our destination to celebrate. in the began that hotel looked ok. but when We walked in at hotel you can see thinks that we didn't like, but alreary we paid the room per interntet and we said we don't need one expensive room if just to need to sleep in the night. and then we continue to walk in to our room. we s

tared to hang up our clothes and when i opened the drawer to put my clothes inside i saw a small animal (like bedbugs) and i got scared and i told to my husband i won't take out my clothes to my luggage. and the batroom floor waesn't cleand at all and the carpet closed to the bed still with peanuts tha somebody dropped there on the carpet. and the bed was ok o maybe we were so tired that we sleep well but the room waesn't clean like we expected even the elevator was so duty like i don't know a chippest parking lot in LA elevators.

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