Embassy Hotel
3645 Park Blvd
San Diego, CA 92103-4523

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I have lived at the Embassy Hotel for approximately 12 years as a residence hotel.

Until about 6 months ago we had no problems with bed bug bites. My wife had numerous bites on her arms and it took awhile to find and identify bed bugs. The last few months [from Jan 2011 to present date] has been a 'bed bug' nightmare with bites, blood and bugs. Yes, I have the evidence in sealed bags and dated along with digital photos.

I notified the hotel manager and the night clerks during my middle

of the night episodes. The manager simply asked me "did anybody spray"...no.
About 2 months ago the management changed the box spring and mattress sealed in plastic. The plastic was torn when put into place, That same evening the bug infestation got worse. The management and owner have not taken any further steps to alleviate my disturbing night time attacks of bed bugs or lack of sleep, although I notified the management and night clerks of my dilemma. They have not been interested in helping us.

This situation has affected my partner's emotional status to the point of a conflict with one of the day time managers on feb 10, 2011 which caused the owner to give us a 60 day notice to vacate. I did not due to lack of sleep, energy, emotinal duress and draining of my resources. That resulted in Unlawful Detainer which I am currently defending in court.

Moving takes focused and detailed activities that I have been unable to maintain energy and resources to achieve to date.

My interpretation of the absence of caring and taking any action to help us is that it is likely the owner/management is using a non caring do nothing approach will get me moved faster.

What more can I say.

At this moment, I am already tiring at 5:20 a m April 29 2011 with bedding in the hotel laundry.
My patience an d life force is being maxed out.

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