Days Inn-San Diego Downtown
833 Ash St
San Diego, CA 92101-2814

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Stayed for comic-con (July 2012) and we got so badly bitten up at this over priced flea and bed bug Motel. I wish that we had access to this web site before we booked. It would have saved us the grief. All the comments on this website are relevant to the way the front desk staff handles this issue. Its just a matter of time before karma strikes this dump.The owners should be ashamed.

Please investigate well before you book at any hotel.

Good Luck!

July 2012

This hotel is loaded with Bed Bugs. Our party badly bitten with hive looking bumps all over our bodies. The staff made us feel as though we brought them in. We have filed complaints with local health Dept. due to the number of bugs we encountered we just don't feel a hotel that is so dirty should be able to get away with such.Please shop wisely. NY, CA. at epidermic

No refunds made!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

APRIL 15,2012 We had bed bugs in our bed as we relaxed . The desk clerk Charles blamed us for contaminating the room and refused us a refund after we came down with the bug.We promptly checked out.

This man had a tupay wig that harbors the pest. I'm sorry to be rude but excuse me.. We are very clean and for a foreigner to tell us we infested the room, he can go to h#ll.

We stayed at this hotel for 5 nights in april 2012, on the 3rd night bumps started showing on my neck and hands. I did not really know what bed bug bites would look like so I thought they were pimples or maybe allergies, but my friend saw a bug on the bed. Unfortunately, they bumps were still not itchy while we were at the hotel. But 2 days after leaving the hotel, more and more bites are showing and getting worse on my fingers, hands, arms, chest, neck and face. They are severely itchy that I c

an hardly sleep. The welts/ redness are also very embarrassing and I am suffering from anxiety whether I brought home the bugs.

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We had major bed bug bites . The front desk blamed us for bringing it. The manager came up to take one off the bed and place one in a sample bag.

I stayed in this hotel in July of 2011. Upon entering my room, I put my luggage aside and inspected the bed. I saw no evidence of bed bugs from my cursory examination. After waking the next morning and making some coffee I noticed a single bed bug on the sheets. I do not appear to have any bites, although most people apparently don't react to them, and I only saw the one bug. But in my book, one is too many.

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