Comfort Suites Mission Valley San Diego
631 Camino Del Rio S
San Diego, CA
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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We stayed in room 129 on May 24. When we woke the next morning, both bed sheets had blood smears on them and we had bite marks on our bodies. We caught a few of the bedbugs and brought them to the front desk for proof. The desk person said "that was supposed to have been taken care of." Her response was to check us out of the hotel. This was Memorial Day weekend, and no other hotels were available to accomodate us. They moved us to a new room. Room 129 was not booked out on the night of the 25th

, but new travelers had moved in on the 26th. I'm sure that the exterminators were not able to get rid of the bedbugs this quickly. They did not charge us for our stay, and offered to wash all of our clothing for us. We had to wear the same clothes for two days in a row while the laundering process was going on.

While laundering all of our clothes , housekeeping staff washed white clothes with red clothes, which ruined several pieces. Additionally, they lost two items of clothing. They refused to reimburse me for my ruined clothes. The general manager Elizabeth Ming, refused to return my phone calls or respond to a letter I sent. I had to call the Corporate Office to get her to even respond. They still refused to reimburse me for my damaged and missing clothes.

Think twice before staying here!!!!!

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We are extremely sorry to hear about the unfortunate incident that occurred during this guest's (below) recent trip to the San Diego area. Immediately following her claim, our management team took serious action and exhausted all resources in an investigation. Our professional outside contractor maticulously inspected our property, including the room this guest was staying in, and came up with absolutely no findings. The professionals also confirmed that mites, as the guest referred to them,

can unfortunately be picked up from a number of public places including the beach and even a public sitting booth.

Comfort Suites Mission Valley takes pride in providing comfortable, clean and spacious accommodations. As part of a well known and respected hotel brand, we must comply with all the standards and procedures expected, including regular inspections by contracted professionals. We must also comply with all city/state health guidelines and regulations.

Again, we are extremely sorry to hear of the unfortunately incident that occurred while this guest toured the San Diego area, however, we are confident that the bedbugs/mites were not from our property.

eCommerce Coordinator

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We stayed at this hotel for 5 days and took some very unwelcome bugs home. What a nightmare and hotel was not very helpful when reporting them.