Comfort Inn & Suites Hotel Circle Seaworld Area San Diego
2201 Hotel Cir S
San Diego, CA 92108-3315

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Woke up 4:00 AM. Found bed bug. Killed it. Identified it on Internet. Appear to also have at least one bite per images on Internet.

My friends stayed here this weekend. I looked up the hotel and found they had a report on here, so I went over to do a bedbug check for them, having been burned by cheap motels in the area myself.

The beds were disgusting. The box spring cover showed a ton of feces, and the actual mattress was covered in blood streaking from same. I didn't stick around to find an actual bedbug, because the feces was conclusive for me - I've dealt with this before, and I have a degree in entomology. I advised

them to report it, request their money back, and get out.

While I can't confirm that there was an active infestation, I can confirm that the mattress definitely showed signs of bedbug activity, and it had no cover.

I recommend finding another place to stay.

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We checked in May 2013. Before I allowed my family to enter the room, I did check the room for signs of bed bugs because I was already freaked out about them. I did notice a yellow stain on one of the mattresses, and thought, "Nah that can't be a stain from a bed bug, they're supposed to be black or red stains" So I dismissed the stain, even though I was uneasy about it. I checked the other matress which also had stains on it, but this time large black stains on the box spring, but b/c it was

n't tiny black spots that the internet warns you about, I also thought it was unlikely to be that of bed bugs. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!!!!! SIDENOTE - Yellow stains on a mattress just means that hotel staff has made an attempt to clean up the feces, and the large black stain just means a HUGE infestation.

Also another side note, when we entered the room at first, we were blown away with how sweet the room smelled, at the time I didn't realize that too is another sign of a huge bed bug infestation.

We stayed the night and I was very uneasy about the room, but I did check the bed bug registry before we booked the room to make sure there were no reports, and there wasn't, hence why we booked at this hotel. BE FORWARNED, JUST BECAUSE A HOTEL ISN'T ON THE BED BUG REGISTRY DOESN'T MEAN THEY HAVEN'T HAD ANY CASES OF BED BUGS. All it means, is that no one took the time to fill out a report after their stay at that hotel. (I was almost guilty of this too, until I spoke with the manager who denies knowing of any infestations which angered me greatly - hence this report).

Anyhow, the next day we woke up got ready and checked out. None the wiser the room was full of bed bugs. But I did prebag everything we owned in tightly closed garbage bags and everything that we had with us, went into garbage bags before we put them into the luggage. All of this was done b/c of my suspicion prior to us leaving the hotel room.

We were driving away when I noticed a few red marks on my leg, 3 in a row (signs of a bed bug bite) with some very small viens popped on my leg. Completely weird. At the time I wasn't convinced it was for sure bed bug bites b/c they weren't itchy and they weren't raised. I showed my husband and he also dismissed them b/c they were so minor and because no one else in the family had noticable marks on them. (Another side note that I found out when I came home, only 30% of the population will react to the bites and the bites won't automatically show up as soon as you have been bitten. They can take anywhere from minutes right up to two weeks to show up.) Both daughters ended up showing bite marks once we arrived home. Only one daughter complained of the bites being itchy.

When we arrived home I was petrified that we did in fact stay in a Bed bug infested hotel, My husband not so convinced, still humored me when I asked if we could bag everything in the garage and keep it there before entering our home, which included the clothes and shoes we were wearing, along with purses, wallets, jackets,backpack, and the luggage.

The next few days were intense as my husband thought I was crazy, and I wouldn't allow for anything to come into the house, despite the kids begging for their souveniers and their clothing!

So rather than just 'thinking' we had bed bugs, I figured I'd hire a bed bug detection dog, (surprisingly more affordable than one would imagine for a peace of mind - $250.00).

The K-9 unit came in and started with the bags in the garage, and BANG! The dog had a positive hit on 5 out of the 6 bagged items. 5 were positive for bed bugs. The only bag not id'd for bugs was the one that had our shampoo and conditioner in it, as it was kept in the bathtub. (I wish I would of kept everything here).

So then the handler ran the dog through our garage, house, and vehicles, which all came up CLEAN AND NO BED BUGS. So I know those bugs weren't brought with us on vacation, that we in fact brought them home from vacation.

So you might ask yourself how I know it came from the hotel? Well that’s easy, considering that we bagged everything before we left the hotel, (with the exception of what we were wearing, and a backpack and my purse and the luggage itself – which we didn’t seal in bags until we arrived home once we were in the garage) and considering the k-9 unit cleared my entire home, vehicles, and garage to be clean and free, and the only thing that had positive hits was the stuff we brought back from the hotel, in sealed bags in which we sealed those exact bags inside of that exact hotel itself. I say that’s pretty clear to where it came from.

I was so angry and upset that I couldn’t think straight, the pest management guy was so awesome he gave me full details of everything, (all the side notes I have provided are information the pest management guy told me).

He also told me for his dog to hit that hard, and that fast, it had to be a huge infestation. It would be hard for the hotel to not be aware of the situation. Although considering the fact there were yellow stains on the box spring, that in itself, is evidence the staff was already aware of the situation, as they already took steps to try to clean up the evidence. I just wish I would of known that at the time.

I contacted the hotel to advise them of the situation, and ask for a refund, and to be compensated for the expenses I have incurred, and of course (The Pest Management guy gave me a heads up that the hotel would do this) they fully denied of knowing anything of this, and that they said they never ever had a case in their hotel.

I’m still waiting to hear back from the manager of the hotel, but it is clear to me there is no empathy from her, or the hotel, as all she did was try to redirect my attention to the fact that they aren’t on the bed bug registry. In turn, I let her know that they will be now. Also the Pest Management guy said that hotels will often try to blame the people who stayed in that room that they were the ones who brought the bugs in. The hotel hasn’t done this yet, but I suspect if/when I hear back from the manager, she will try to do this.

Again I cannot re-iterate enough that just b/c a hotel isn’t on the registry, doesn’t mean there aren’t cases, it only means no one took the time to fill out the form online, and I completely understand why no one does it, b/c they are too busy trying to figure out what to do at home with all their stuff, and how to cover the costs of detection/treatment. Please learn from my mistakes! I should of trusted my gut, and I didn't, and we are paying the price financially, and emotionally as we have to throw everything out.

Even though I was one of the lucky ones who caught the issue before I brought it into my home, others won’t be so lucky. I asked the manager to advise whoever was in that room currently, of the situation and to contact any other unsuspecting guests who were in that room after us, to also advise them. Again from her continuing talk of not being aware of any infestation, I highly doubt she will contact those other guests.


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