Berkshire Motor Hotel
2502 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA 92104-1118

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To be fair, I just want to provide this update from my July 25th experience:

A couple of days later, on July 27th I went back to the Berkshire and spoke to the hotel owner/manager and requested that he return my money for my whole bed bug experience. After a brief pause and without saying a word he handed me a cash refund.

I have no idea if those things are still stalking people in Room 6 or any other rooms there.

On July 24, 2011 I stayed in Room #6 at this hotel. I had planned to check out at 3:00am on the 25th. While laying on the bed in the dark I felt my back and arm itching but thought it was just dry skin and I did my best to ignore it. Once the alarm went off at 2:30am and the light came on I could plainly see the begbugs on the covers and pillows. They were various sizes, some no bigger than a pencil head, others were larger (about 5mm). Some looked to have a shell-like cover while others wer

e more flat, rounded and looked soft. I pulled back the sheets and saw more of them. THEY WERE EVERYWHERE!!!

I was already planning to check out but I rang for the manager/owner to come into the room and showed him the bedbugs. He claimed he did not know they were there and that no one before me had told him about them. The guy did not offer me a refund but I certainly think I'm entitled to one.

Before I left, I photographed some of them with my phone. Once I arrived at my house 30 minutes later, I pulled into my garage and turned on the light only to find one on my hand! I bagged that one for evidence. While bagging that one I saw another one crawling on my overnight bag that had been laying on the floor in the hotel room. I bagged that one, too. I have photographs and two bagged specimens.

I instantly emptied the bag of all its contents while searching for more. I found no more. I threw the bad and the clothes in the washing machine in hot water. I'm very upset about the possibility that these bedbugs are now in my house and in my car!

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