Payless Car Rental System Incorporated
350 Bercut Dr
Sacramento, CA 95811-0102

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This location is actually Hotel Ramada.

350 Bercut Dr.
Sacramento Ca

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On Tuesday, March 7th I stayed in this hotel room (Room 118) and awoke in bed to find a bed bug crawling on my leg. Surprised, I caught it under a cup and examined it. Later, I realized I had been bitten five times on my right had and twice on my left arm. Although the staff members were nice and the hotel

offered free breakfast and wifi, the bug bites were NOT worth it.

Upon entering the room, my mom had remarked that this hotel did not look very clean and was worried about bed bugs. Now, I'm just taking preventative measures to ensure that I won't have a bed bug infestation at my house (if they somehow got into my luggage or clothing).
I will NEVER again stay at a Ramada. Awful experience.

I originally stayed here because I received a scholarship in Sacramento, so it was a joyous occasion. However, getting bug bites was not.

However, despite my bad experience, I am glad that I was able to become more informed on bed bugs and prevention and this website for future travel planning. Thanks for letting me share this to help others prevent a bed-bug encounter!

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