Pacific Euro Hotel
868 Main St
Redwood City, CA 94063

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I've stayed at the Euro one week a month for the past 6 months, and have not seen or had any sign of bedbugs. The hotel has apparently had quite a bit of renovation over the past couple years, so maybe they've cleaned things up. Since the last report here is from 2012, I just wanted to give an update on the current status.

I stayed in this hotel during September 2012.
I am a foreign traveler and too bad for me I never heard of bedbugs before.
The second day I woke up with around 20 bites on my arm from the elbow to the wrist. I thought it was due to some allergy because I had washed my clothes the day before in the hotel's poorly maintained laundry.
When I consulted some local people they told me it could be bedbugs but I didn't figure out how bad this will turn.
When I returned by night I checked the bed and

found 2 crawling tiny insects. I snapped them and researched the internet and confirmed they are bedbugs but didn't read much about the subject because it was too late. I smashed one and found it full of blood. I didn't bother inform the "front desk" because the only guy who works there (and he happens also to be the owner) already informed me that his "working hours" are from 9:00am till 9:00pm.
I wore long sleeves shirt, slept and woke up the next morning with 200 bites on my arms and shoulders.
I left the hotel in the morning and called the front desk guy/owner. He first showed extreme surprise (although now I know from this website that this has occurred several times before!) but then became apologetic and offered to change my room.
Since that was my last night there I accepted. But before entering the new room, I bought a spray can of insecticide that states specifically that it kills bedbugs and their eggs and sprayed very well the bed and the sheets.

> The bites needed 4 days of hydrocortisone ointment to stop itching.
> I have pictures to support my report.

Thanks to the administrator of this website and I hope that my report and other info on this website will save readers from what I have experienced.

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Checked in on 7/27/12 for a week's stay, put my things down in the room and started to unpack but didn't use the bed before I left to go out with friends. Came back after midnight, sat down on the bed, and found bedbugs--when I turned back the covers I found them crawling on the bed, and turning over pillows found some there too. The front desk clerk was already gone for the night, so I grabbed a small bag of things that hadn't been unpacked and went to another hotel.

Came back the next day

to pack up the rest of my stuff (in a trash bag, to take to the laundry!) and get a refund for the room. Desk clerk didn't believe me about the bedbugs, so I showed him one I had caught and saved in a ziploc baggie (and the other hotel bill) as proof. He still didn't believe me--is this a common scam?--and wanted to go back to the room to find them there. Finding bedbugs actually on the bed in daylight was difficult--there were the bloody remains of one I'd squished but that wasn't good enough. Finally I remembered having thrown one in the trash can, poked through the trash and found it.

He was suddenly apologetic and had the maid come in and strip the room, and gave me the refund.

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This is review is for my August 2011 stay at Pacific Euro Hotel in Redwood City, CA.

Our hotel room definitely had bed bugs. My husband woke up at 3 am due to biting and itching sensations, shined a light on the mattress and saw the bugs. He squished one and it left blood marks, another tell tale sign of bed bugs. We also found bugs crawling in the towels. All together, we got 200 bites on our bodies.

We left the hotel around 4 or 5 am to head to the laundromat and there was no one at the

front desk. We returned around 9am to check out and the clerk was very apologetic and said that this was the first he'd heard of bed bugs. I hope that's true and I hope that Pacific Euro Hotel takes all the necessary precautions with an exterminator, but I still felt obligated to share this.

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