Good Nite Inn Redwood City
485 Veterans Blvd
Redwood City, CA 94063

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Stayed there briefly in September 2015 out of necessity since Salesforce took over the Bay Area that week. Immediately pulled back the sheets and saw three adult bed bugs on the linens.

Immediately packed up and left, where I saw a cockroach in the hallway.

Stayed there in September 2015. Receved probably 40 bites from bed bugs. Stayed there in 2012 bed bugs were there then as well. Soon as I walked into the room I caught 1 with tissue, I handed it to the cleaning lady. If you look behind and under the beds you can see they never get moved , so the bugs just keep on breeding. The motel has an endless supply of customers, unless you complain to the health department nothing will ever be done about the problem.

Can't remember the exact date I stayed but in September of 2014 by boyfriend and I had a little too much to drink and rather than drive home we crashed here.
I had stayed two other times and nothing had happened but this time was horrible!
We checked in at about 1AM. Went to bed but heard little sounds and turned on the night stand lamp. We found about 3-4 cockroaches mingling and then running to hide. We immediately left - asked for a refund and left.
By the time I got home I started to re

alize I was getting hives all around my legs, back and arms. That's when I realized something had bitten me all over! For weeks I had an allergic reaction to the bed bugs and whatever else had attacked me. My boyfriend wasn't as bad as I was - but he still had signs of bed bugs!
Isn't there a way of closing down this place?!?

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Jan 20th 2015 room 208, woke up to my ankle and arms itching. Thought it might have been a misqueto. I turn the light on and look at the bite and a giant bug was on me. Freaked out, jumped out of bed! After looking at the sheets, there were TONS of these little guys (and big ones too!) crawling around! A little more than a little infestation!

Hey there anyone reading this... Been staying here for a few weeks and noticed at first cockroaches and bugs roaming the different rooms I had been put in! Then on 11/11/2014 I was put in room 264, that's where I got hit with bedbugs. At first thought it was maybe a spider, cause I only had a couple areas of bites. After the second night woke up that morning and was covered in huge rash spots all over my arms and legs... So I looked up the bites and research, also investigated the seen and had f

ound what was the bed bug!! Went to the office and they acted like it was no big deal and would just give me another room.... I looked up the back ground of this place, and found tons of the same case as mine! What does it take to get justice and have this place shut down? They obviously are not doing nothing about this problem! I'm looking to possibly go after them for there attempt to do nothing about the situation!!!

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this goes with Tammie M continued report:

On Monday or Tuesday the following week 07/08-07/09/13 I called the Good Nite Inn to ask if the room #241 or #223 had been treated for bedbugs, Robert or Dario said yes prior to you checking in.

I checked in on 06/27 at 3:30am and the lady there put me in room #241. I stayed there from 06/27 to 6/30/13 and then ...I brought into the office what looked like a bug and the blonde/white haired lady said it looked like a piece of food. I didn't eat food in my bed????

I checked back in 7/2/13 - by a very kind worker: Robert - 1st time: was put in room #223- the bathtub was clogged after I showered-advised the staff. I took into office what I thought was a bug and said I had bites all ov

er my stomach, I was told it was probably just a piece of lint?? by Robert on the morning of 7/03/13.

Later on that day I couldn't get ahold of my friend where I was going to stay and checked back in again 7/3/13, Dario put me in #223 again-2nd time in same room - which the tub was still full of water because the day before I was in it and the tub was clogged so Dario put me in room #270 on 7/3/13 at 11pm and my last night was 7/4/13, checked out on 7/04/13 from room #270. At that time the bites on my stomach were in a long line and under my arms under my breasts. I am contacting the authorities for better business bureau and the health department.

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24 hours after being in the room, 234, my sister had 5 large welts on her arms. The welts were very itchy and came to a head. As the day wore on she showed signs of more welts. We looked at the seams in the mattress but didn't see anything. She had a doctor look at the welts the next day and he said they were bed bug bites.

We drove home before knowing, so we are busy washing everything and vacuuming all our bags. I hope we didn't have any hitchhikers!

My family spent one night (3/17/2011) at this motel. I was woken up by two itchy and swelling spots on my arm in the middle of the night. I was terrified and began to search for the bugs in our room. I didn't find any bug in the the bed, but I did find one live adult bug on the bathroom floor. I turned it in to the front desk and they don't seem to be surprised. They just took my room number and told me the manager will contact me but I didn't receive any phone call yet.

Spent several nights here. Felt something crawling on me but couldn't find anything. Woke up in the morning with several red, raised, itchy bites. Spend one more night and got bite several times again. Explained to management as I checked out but they didn't seem to give it much thought.

I thought I had been bitten by a spider the first night. By the end of my stay I had over a hundred bites on me. I could not figure out what it was so I started researching it on-line and found I had classic symptoms of severe reactions to bed bug bites. My face, arms and legs were covered. The itching was so bad I took myself to the hospital. They put me on antibiotics because of the open draining bites, anti itch medication and a steroids to bring down the swelling. I hope that I will not have

scaring. I found this hotel on travelocity They rated it a two star what a joke.

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thought I felt something on me my second nite, then saw a bug go past, when I turned on the lights they were all over, small ones. I told the staff, they gave me a 25% discount at any discount, didn't even blink when I told them, had the 25% vouchers right next to them, like they do this constantly. I even took a picture of some in case they challenged me. I was between rooms 128 & 134

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