Oak Motel
4279 El Camino Real
Palo Alto, CA 94306

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I stayed in this hotel January 9th.
Throughout the night I felt itchy on my fingers and arm, but thought it was just the scruffy bedsheets.

I went on with my day, when I went back to the hotel I looked at my arm and saw red bumps all over! In a panic, grabbed all the sheets and moved the box spring. They were everywhere!

Huge, giant bedbugs with fresh blood from me the night before!!!!
Also at the head of the bed there were a bunch of dead bugs and carcasses.

The hotel couldnt accomo

date me because it was booked. I drove up and down El Camino to find a hotel to stay at at 10oclock in the evening.

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I stayed there from March 27, 2012, departing March 31st. The day I was leaving I found two bites on my back that were very itchy. Two days later, I had a major reaction -- I was allergic to these bites and about 15 red spots popped out all over, and, then then grew 2-3"s in size. I went to my doctor 3 times that week, starting with prednisone (which I could not continue due to a reaction) and then just trying different medications to get rid of these). My doctor said that it was bed bugs. On

e week later I am healing, and just have some persistent spots that I assume will gradually go away with the medications.

I did call the motel a week after, and they insisted that nobody else has had a problem -- implying that I could not have had such a thing.

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