Motel 6
1560 E 4th St
Ontario, CA

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In the early morning hours of October, 11 2009, in room 118 of the "Ontario Airport" Motel 6, my girlfriend discovered a bedbug crawling across my chest. I collected this specimen in a condiment container. Over the next 45 minutes or so I went on to collect about a dozen other specimens in all stages of development. I then went on to dispatch at least a dozen more (leaving blood stains on the sheets), before we vacated the room, with my girlfriend freaking out. We sat in her car for two and a ha

lf hours until the manager arrived. The night clerk was unwilling to do anything and had the gall/ignorance to ask why I had not reported it earlier. The manager, Monica, offered me a coupon for another nights stay (which is somewhat laughable), but I refused and asked for a refund. Which I received.

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