Clarion Hotel Oakland
371 13th St
Oakland, CA 94612-2636

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I stayed in room 708 4/13-14th/2014. I had an early plane to catch the day of checkout and awoke at 4 am. My arm was itchy but I had to get ready. In the shower I quickly realized my itchy arm was only the beginning of the bites. Checked online for symptoms of the bites and realized it was probably bed bugs. I inspected the bed and found a bed bug in the bed and snapped a picture. I checked out just before 5 am and notified the staff that I found bed bugs, she was not very helpful (unable to

find a mangers card, had no idea what to do) but took down my info and told me a manager would be in contact with me when they arrived later in the morning. By that afternoon/evening I had not heard from them. I called and asked to speak to the GM who was out, I notified staff this was not a matter that should wait. Again they took down my info - called me back an hour later saying they would call me tomorrow after it got inspected for confirmation. Day 2, no call from any staff. Again I called that evening and left a message on the GM's voice mail who was in the building when I called (the staff told me she was in her office) but no return call. 3rd day I got a call from the GM who was not apologetic, and tried to end the conversation in under 1 min. She did confirm what I already knew - there were bed bugs. I can only hope they checked nearby/adjacent rooms and notified the person(s) (possibly the one who brought bed bugs in the room) that they could have been exposed before me. Terrible customer services and little to no help throughout the experience. Saying "every hotel has bed bugs" is a false and lame excuse, when someone asks what your policy is for checking make sure you have an answer, not an excuse. Sure any hotel could get them but not every hotel has them and now yours has had it at least twice!

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I stayed in room 204. Woke up with 3 welts on my shoulder and by the next day had about 10 welts from my shoulder down my arm and a few scattered on my torso and butt. They swelled up and itch like crazy. I can't believe this is the first bedbug report for this hotel - the street and surrounding neighborhood is full of homeless people, during my brief time in the hotel lobby two homeless people came in to (1) take an apple from the front desk and (2) use the bathroom, both with permission fro

m the front desk.

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