North Hollywood CA Hotel
6147 Lankershim Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91606-4807

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I checked into the hotel on Wednesday, October 16th and left my luggage in the room and left to handle my day of business.

When I returned to my suite around 10pm, I got ready to retire and noticed a bug on the bed/bedspread. Not thinking anything of it, I picked it up with a tissue but then noticed another. When I pulled back the sheets and moved the pillows I noticed about six more.

At that time, I called down to the front desk to report the bedbugs and tell them I wanted a new roo

m. The person on the other end of the phone argued with me and told me their hotel did not have bed bugs. I told him he needed to send someone immediately to my room to see for themselves. Once a custodial worker arrived and saw the bugs they apologized profusely and offered to give me another room. I started packing my things.

They showed me another room on the same floor and while I didn't see any bedbugs, I no longer felt comfortable staying there. The worker assured me they fumigated the hotel (this was of little consolation).

I went downstairs and asked the person at the front desk if they could help me find another location to stay in and was told they couldn't. So, I proceeded to call other local hotels.

I asked to be reimbursed for the charges that had already been charged to my credit card and was told that because I had booked online, the manager would have to issue the credit and I would have to call back in the morning. Five days later, I am still waiting for the credit to appear on my bank statement. In fact, they put another charge through and I'm waiting for TWO credits from a hotel I didn't even stay in and one that had bedbugs!

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