Padre Oaks Hotel
1278 Munras Ave
Monterey, CA 93940

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I stayed in Room 119 February 15, 16, 17, 2013. I am so so sorry I didn't check the registry. I have been struggling with the bed bug bites I got from that visit for three weeks. I have scores of bites, am on prednisone and antibiotics, and have spent well over $1500 making sure I didn't import them to my house. The owners should be ashamed. I told them and they said, We don't have bugs here.
I wish the city would shut them down. I am shocked at this.

Stayed for one night in room 119 on Thursday 10th January 2013 and am now suffering with about 60 huge bites all over my upper body and face. They itch like hell and are red, swollen and ugly. I didn't tell the hotel owners because I wasn't aware of what they were at the time. Now I'm terrified that I may have spread them to a friends house I stayed in the night after. They have a small baby and another on the way and I feel so guilty about it!
I have since emailed the hotel with pictures of my

injuries and urged them to get it sorted before it effects others. I am yet to hear a response from them!

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October 5, 2012, room 116, bites on arms, back, neck, and eye lid. My eye was so swollen two days later that I couldn't open it.

Woke up at 2am with itchy bite marks all over my body, 6-7 around my neck, arms, legs and back.
i showered to try to get my mind off it, walked back to bed and saw a bed bug crawling on the bed. Woke up my boyfriend, and we caught the first bug under a cup. Immediately woke up staff and asked for a refund.
When I told them how important it was for them to let other guets know so that they don't bring bed bugs home i was met with "we can't afford to do that. it's not our fault, o

ther people brought bed bugs here."
We packed up, bagged up all of our belongings and we're washing everything we brought into the room to avoid bringing bugs into our home. Before we left we caught 3 more bedbugs crawling on the bed, big ones too.
The owners claimed they had never had bed bug sitings there before, but sure enough, there's already two other reports on here.
We had to drive 6 hours home starting at 3 am, and slept in our car partway on the side of hte road. Didn't want to risk staying in another hotel after that!

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june 17 2010. padre oaks hotel. monterey ca room 119. had a great night the first night, didnt notice anything until the 2nd day into the trip. woke up at 4am due to a persistant itch on my toe. turned on the light to find what i thought was a tic walking up my boyfriends arm, freaked out, jumped out of bed and found a couple of little red bugs that squished into blood spots when smashed. amazigly, boyfriend fell asleep while i waited for day light. showered and didnt think about it until almost

2 weeks later. woke up with continued bites, attributed it to mosquitoes until someone at work brought up bed bugs. looked the suckers up on-line and what do you know. freakin bed bugs is what they were. now i have them at home. horrible. dont know what to do.

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30 june, room 103, "insects" on the bed, under the matress, on the wall... unfortunately, I learned it was bed bugs when I was back home... I first notice that a small bed bug was running on me as soon I was in the bed, and discovered 3 other under the matress. The day after, I saw a big red one running on the wall at 9 AM, absolutely not disturbed by my presence or by the sunlight.

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