Motel 6
2124 N Fremont St
Monterey, CA 93940-5213

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Went to stay there on monday, March 26 2015 in room 115. I woke up with multiple bites on my arm.Y daughter had 3 as well

stayed in room 224 on may 30th and 31st, I feel like an all night buffet, bitten all over

room204, bitten in neck and arm, april 4 2014

Woke up with bites lifted up cover to see bed bug on my bed I found two put them in cup

Woke up with bites lifted up cover to see bed bug on my bed I found two put them in cup

Woke up with bites lifted up cover to see bed bug on my bed I found two put them in cup

The first thing I do when checking in to any hotel or motel is look under the matress and around the baseboards/ behind end tables for bedbugs. I lifted the matress in room 211and instantly found bedbugs. I collected one in a plastic cup from the room and took it down to the front desk and demanded a refund on the room. The desk clerk informed me that since my debit card had been used, they would just cancel the transaction. He said my funds would be in my account and available immediately. I le

ft and went to another hotel in town which was more expensive, and stayed without parasitic insects. In the morning I checked my bank account and the motel 6 charge for the room had gone through and no credit was posted to my account. Im now stuck in monterey and can't leave for THREE DAYS because I have no gas money to get out of here. I am 34 years old and self reliant, and I have to call my family for money for the first time in YEARS because of the monterey motel 6 and its lying staff and infestation of parasitic insects. They weren't surprised or shocked when I brought down the bug, I looked for a reaction of some kind to indicate that this was new information to the hotel staff and found none. Buisiness as usual for the monterey motel 6.

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We stayed in room 203 for one night on April 5, 2012. I found one bed bug on my pillow when I woke up in the morning. This morning, April 10, 2012 I found three bites on my neck. I read that bites only show up on your skin about one week after being bitten. Gross!!!

Friday, September 24, collected 2 bedbugs from the bed closest to the window in room 218. We gave them to management who said they will be filling out an incident report and that they will be getting in an exterminater to do that room and for added protection neighboring rooms. Of course we cancelled our remaining reservation and moved to another motel.

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