Hotel Pacific - Monterey, California
300 Pacific St
Monterey, CA 93940-2418

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I stayed here March 13, 2013 on the ground floor, and encountered a bed bug on my bed. After doing a quick search on my phone, I learned it was a Silverfish bug. I found it because it crawled on my arm while I was sitting on my bed! I looked around, and then saw a second silverfish on the nightstand.

I called the front desk immediately. The best they could do for me was to move me to another room upstairs on the third floor. I had no choice but to stay here as all hotels in Monterey had been

fully booked. I inspected my new room, and there were no bugs.

However, I felt the establishment handled this situation poorly. I did not get an apology nor any compensation for my horrible experience. Stay here at your own risk. Who knows what else is hiding around here.

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We stayed here jan 1-2, 2012. And feb 17-18, 2012. We love the rooms because they have patio area & fireplace. However the second time we stayed at this hotel we saw several small bugs. Some on the floor & behind couch in living room. We also found a huge silver fish under the glass tabletop. We could see him clearly, he was alive and moving. I'm not sure if the other bugs were bed bugs as I've never seen a bed bug before. It didn't even cross my mind when we were there, I just assumed they were

ticks and that might be common in a beach city. I informed management and he was very nice about it & offered a refund to be credited back to my card that would probably take a week to receive refund. He said that was the only option because hotel was full. So being on a budget and already there we just stayed. I haven't seen any bed bugs I may have brought home but I am very scared and looking for them. I will report if I do get an outbreak. My thought is that, if they had beetles & silver fish obviously the hotel is not sprayed for pests & they very well may have been bed bugs. Like I said they looked like ticks. So if you are considering staying here, check the room before you unload your luggage. We stayed in room 316

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We arrived at room 303 of Hotel Pacific on November 21, 2011. I inspected the first bed and found a bed bug under the mattress. When I checked behind the bed, I found 10 bed bug nymphs. I collected them into a zip-lock bag and took them to the front desk. The manager gave us another room, 323. It was a new room and it looked very clean. There wasn't even dust behind the bed. I didn't find any bed bugs on or near the beds, but I found a bed bug nymph by the baseboard behind the room couch.

We took it to the front desk and they let us cancel our registration.

We've been dealing with bed bugs at home since August 2011. We started getting bitten in the family room, which is on the opposite side from where out bedrooms are. After two days of getting bitten in the family room I found a bed bug. I suspect that the infestation at home started when I blew out an aerobed for a guest in the family room. That same aerobed was on the floor of Hotel Pacific several nights during Thanksgiving 2010. My theory is that the bed bugs in my house came from Hotel Pacific in the aerobed and luggage, stayed quiescent the garage for months and made it to inside the house when I set up the aerobed four our guest. I can't prove this unless I do DNA tests, but it makes sense to me from what I've learned about bed bug biology.

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