Hotel Abrego - Monterey, CA
755 Abrego St
Monterey, CA 93940-3101

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We stayed here December 27 -29, 2013. We had been given a lovely room in the main building just above the front desk/lobby. Normally, I check beds at hotels for any bugs but we were so impressed by the friendly service and beautiful room, I didn't think it was necessary. I woke up scratching a welt on my right arm, then felt another one. I went to the bathroom to see what it was, maybe an allergic reaction to the clam chowder I had for dinner, and found 2 more bites on my left arm, too. I went b

ack to check the bed and found 3 bed bugs on my pillow! One was very large and obviously full from biting me. I woke up my husband and called the front desk in a panic. I woke the poor clerk who at first asked if I really did see any bugs then said they were sold out and could not move our rooms but offered us fresh linens! It was awful. I hung up and ran into the shower. While I was showering the clerk came to the room and gave my husband keys to a room that had not been checked into yet. My husband offered to show him the bugs on the bed but he refused. We put the larger bug into a plastic bag and left it on the nightstand for them to see we were not lying. We moved rooms across the complex at 4am and needless to say, I could not go back to sleep. In the morning, we spoke with the hotel manager who was very nice and accommodating. They compd our first night and discounted the second night and kept us in the upgraded room (which had a fireplace). Sadly, I had to launder all our clothes so we didn't risk bringing the bugs home. The hotel gave me quarters and detergent and anything else I needed but it took a majority of our day away which we would have liked to have spent sight seeing. I found more welts on my arms and one on my cheek.
Although hotel management was very accommodating and friendly about the experience I cannot go to a hotel without thoroughly checking for bugs!

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We stayed at this hotel in June of 2011. It's absolutely beautiful and we had no problems until I woke up on our third night and found a bed bug on my pillow. We weren't sure what it was until I turned on my computer and googled bed bugs. Sure enough, it was a bed bug. We called the front desk and told them we found a bedbug and we planning on leaving immediately. They told us to come down to the front desk when we were ready to leave. We packed up our stuff as quickly as possible and met

the manager in the lobby. He asked to speak with me outside, so that other guests could not hear our conversation. He apologized for the inconvenience and comped our third night. This incident had ruined our intentions of ever going on another trip again. We got home and threw out all of our luggage because we had read what a pain it was to rid of bedbugs. Anything that couldn't be put in the dryer (to heat and kill any hitchhikers) was put in our freezer. My entire family and trouble sleeping for weeks because we would wake up thinking we felt something crawling all over us. It has been almost a year since our encounter with bedbugs and we still have not planned an overnight trip because we are so fearful of encounter the disgusting pest.

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