El Castell Motel
2102 N Fremont St
Monterey, CA 93940-5213

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El Castell Motel

We are very sorry for customer's bad experience. After finding the complaint for bed bugs we renovated our rooms. Keeping in mind customers safety we changed the carpets, beds and mattress of the room and now we want our motel name to be removed from the list of bed bugs motel. We would like to contact to the customer who had complain for bed bugs and explain the situation.
Please email us at elcastellmotel@live.com
Thank you
Front Desk,
El Castell M


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After my stay on Nov 7 2009 I filed a formal complaint with The Monterey County Health Dept. I didn't notice the beg bugs until 5:00am at which time I promptly contacted the manager only to be told "I'm sleeping it will have to wait until the morning". I was bitten several times on my arms neck and head.. Though the manager agreed to refund me through travel velocity. I've yet to receive a full refund as promissed.

On Nov 16 2009 I received this message from the Monterey Health Dept Per our

discussion, I was not able to view the video but I have been in contact
with the manager of the El Castell Motel. I have instructed him to call me once
repairs and changes have been address I will be inspecting room 211 prior to
public use. He acknowledged that there were bed bug in this room and has closed
the room. The facility has removed the mattress, carpets deep cleaned, and
continue with sanitation and maintenance. Please feel free to give this office a
call if you have any questions. Thank you

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