Casa Verde Inn
2113 Fremont St
Monterey, CA 93940-5242

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In July 2011, we atayed at the Casa Verde Inn. About five minutes after laying down I had the strangest feeling to check for bugs.. So when i grabbed a flashlight and looked there was some crawling up the side of the matress. I woke up my hudband and told him to look, Woke up my daughter and dog and immediately put them in the car.. When inspecting the matresses we came across lots of bugs and lots of Larve.. Omg i freaked.. We put everything in the trunk at 12:30am found a 24 hour laundrymat an

d washed two suitcases of laundry with 4 big blankets.. My husband, daughter, dog and I all got bitten alot.. I cant stop itching to this day.. So gross.. The hotel guy gave us a refund, but that will never be enough.. I am scared forever..

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