Comfort Inn Mariposa
4994 Bullion St
Mariposa, CA 95338

Found 2 reports:

We stayed there from June 1 for 3 nights. After relaxing 1hour in the afternoon we saw 2 bedbugs running around the pillow. We killed them and changed the room and the new one seemed to be clean. But after the last night we found again 2 bedbugs, now very small ones.
The location is close to countryside, some other insects around the windows and doors.

My girlfriend and I were asleep and she woke up in pain we turned on the lights and saw that she had bites all over her torso and they were swollen I pulled back the sheets and turned over the pillows and found bed bugs. I then payed on the sofa bed to try and rest and felt a bite on my self. I ran to the rest room shook off and found a live bed bug that had fallen off of me. Took it in a zip lock bag and showed the owner who was very rude, got my rooms compt eventually but the bed bugs remain.

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