Jolly Roger Hotel
2904 Washington Blvd
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Found 1 report:

Stayed one night and was covered in bites on my face,arms,back,and legs. Which swelled and now left scars. Called and manager to report room and bugs, he claimed he found nothing and would refund me and also call me once they had dogs come in and check serveral rooms.

I waited a week and had to call back he claimed he lost my number and dogs didn't find anything and he would send me the report proving that. He called back to refund me and almost refunded wrong room/person and even said,"ar

e you sure you stayed here"?

I was refunded, but I never did get the email to show proof nothing was found. The manager was nervous and unprofessional. I have found past reports of Bed bugs from past years after further research.

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